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Golden Globes 2015: favourite outfits

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GettingFiggyWithIt Mon 12-Jan-15 06:49:59

I liked Anna Kendrick's dress.
Loved Emma Stone and Lorde in tuxes.
Less keen on Keira's butterfies.
Liked one of the yellow dresses but forgotten whowink
Amy Adams looked lovely in lilac.
But much of the white/silver and cutouts went by me, red dresses were a bit boring and lots of outfits ruined by belts.

CateBlanket Mon 12-Jan-15 07:36:19

Daily Mail link with lots of photos

CateBlanket Mon 12-Jan-15 07:42:54

Rosamund Pike's dress hideous and demeaning. She's an actress not a porn star. Likewise Sienna Miller.
Felicity Jones - exquisite.
Amal Clooney - played it very safe.
Catherine Zeta Jones has ruined her face with fillers.

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 12-Jan-15 07:47:24

Joanne Froggett's was gorgeous.
Keira's dress was hideous.
Prince's suit made him look like he was in Coming To America.

WerewolfBarMitzvah Mon 12-Jan-15 07:56:24

Emily Blunt was flawless, as usual.
I quite liked Sienna Miller's look.
Rosamund Pike = just no. Shame we wont hear Joan River's opinion this year.

silverjohnleggedit Mon 12-Jan-15 08:32:55

Rosamund Pike was too fleshy for that dress, her arms needed to be more sculpted and her boobs a size smaller, it was all a bit too naked. Sienna carried the look off better and her dress was prettier but in general I think a look to avoid unless for you fabulously athletic with no boobs.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Mon 12-Jan-15 08:44:20

My favourite is that woman from Downton who won an award, ill check her name now.

Didnt like Jen Anistons, was a bit nineties.

mrsdimmock Mon 12-Jan-15 08:49:51

Oh lordy, what a hideous turnout. confused Only dress I liked was Kate Beckinsale (who looked divine).

Rosamund; Sienna; Kiera & Emily - what were you thinking? (stylists should be shot)

burnishedsilver Mon 12-Jan-15 09:23:54

Rosemond Pikes dress was spectacularly unflattering.

burnishedsilver Mon 12-Jan-15 09:36:06

My best dressed votes go to Sophie Hunter, Livia Hunter and Kate Bekinsale. Kate Bekinsale looked amazing but she always looks the same. A change would be nice. Catherine Zeta Jones had a pulled thread across the bottom of her dress.

Pensionerpeep Mon 12-Jan-15 09:41:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WipsGlitter Mon 12-Jan-15 11:52:34

Catherine ZJ - seems to have a lot of weird makeup on her neck.
Don't like Rosamund Pike, Keira Knightly - shoes are too heavy for the dress, Amal Clooney (particularly the gloves), Eddie's wife - awful colour, looks like a ebay prom dress, Jennifer Anniston - boring.

Like Sienna's embroidery but not the neckline, Emily Blunt, love Felicity Jones, Livia Firth, the two from Downton, Jamie Dornan's wife is nice.

OttiliaVonBCup Mon 12-Jan-15 12:43:13

What was Rosamund Pike thinking?

Lottapianos Mon 12-Jan-15 12:47:37

Kate Beckinsale and Helen Mirren never put a foot wrong on the red carpet

Rosamund Pike - shocking. Just why?

Jennifer Aniston - fabulous as always

Loved Clare Danes dress - very unusual

Lena Dunham - great colour but awful shape

Loved Amy Poehlers blue dress during the opening section

tak1ngchances Mon 12-Jan-15 12:52:15

Rosamund P had a baby 5 weeks ago.
So in a way it's miraculous she's there at all but the dress was very ill-advised

tak1ngchances Mon 12-Jan-15 12:55:26

Most disappointing for me were Jennifer Aniston who looked too bronzed and heavy around the shoulders and Amal Clooney who was just so nondescript

squoosh Mon 12-Jan-15 12:57:24

Rosamund Pike is beautiful and actually very slim but that dress makes her look so wide. She usually looks great on the red carpet.

squoosh Mon 12-Jan-15 12:58:39

I almost didn't recognise Sienna Miller has she had something done to her face/teeth?

squoosh Mon 12-Jan-15 13:01:35

Love Sophie Hunter's dress.

squoosh Mon 12-Jan-15 13:02:18

Love Ruth Wilson but this dress doesn't do her any favours at all.

Twinklestein Mon 12-Jan-15 13:02:27

Rosamund's dress looks like it's falling down. It doesn't fit properly!

Kate Beckinsale always looks a million dollars - though she never seems to act in anything any more. I also liked Emily Blunt's Jennifer Anniston's.

Didn't like the colour of Mrs Redmayne's - the khaki makes her look ill, or Felicity's - teal is a colour best left to ageing flautists.

Twinklestein Mon 12-Jan-15 13:03:28

I agree squoosh Ruth Wilson's dress looks like an inside-out chair cover.

Cocolepew Mon 12-Jan-15 13:08:19

Loved Jamie Dornas wife, Livia Firth, shes always spot on, Sophie Hunter and Amy Adams colour of dress was lovely. Oh and Thingy Osbourne, her name has gone poof confused

Amal Clooney, wtf with the gloves?

Cocolepew Mon 12-Jan-15 13:08:48


Roussette Mon 12-Jan-15 13:27:31

Best dress by a mile is Kate Beckinsale's - flawless.

As for the white dresses, two of them I think - Rosamund's looks like two bandages across her boobs, awful.

Keira K - that is probably the worst maternity evening dress I have ever clapped eyes on. Ghastly.

Catherine ZJ, yes too much fiddling with her face, she looks odd.

Amal whatshername (Clooney) - my goodness, she is skeletal, her arms are like twigs.

Aren't they all so TINY, they must all be about a size 4 or 6 or something.

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