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juneandjuly Sat 10-Jan-15 22:32:27

So my skin started going downhill a bit a few months ago. Nothing major, but as I had bomb-proof skin before it has been quite noticeable to me. Decided to give the regimen a go after reading about it on here, but found that it actually brought out more spots, so am tempted to stop it and try something else.

But, reading Sam Bunting's blog (she recommends a similar regime) it seems that it may just be purging out the clogs that were already there.

Can anyone who has done the regimen tell me when this purge phase (if that's what it is) might stop? Thanks.

nightswift Sat 10-Jan-15 22:35:57

What is the regime?. I got some topical antibiotics for my face from the gp and it cleared up really fast.

Nabootique Sat 10-Jan-15 22:52:01

Were there any changes in your skin care or lifestyle that could have caused your skin to change? That routine looks quite severe, especially if your skin wasn't that bad to begin with. In my opinion, and people will disagree, skin doesn't purge. Those products might just not be right for you. I've suffered from acne on and off my whole life and benzolyn peroxide never did me any favours. Skin is good now though.

juneandjuly Sat 10-Jan-15 23:04:09

I started working in an air-conditioned office (which I hadn't before) and also had more stress, but nothing apart from that. I used to get maybe a couple of not-major spots a month, now I've always got a couple... I'm 29.

Nabootique Sat 10-Jan-15 23:18:01

What was your skin care routine before the new one and what is your skin type? Stress definitely affects mine.

whereismagic Sat 10-Jan-15 23:52:59

Caroline Hirons (whose advice improved my skin no end) doesn't believe in it and says that if your skin is unhappy you have to stop doing what you are doing.

juneandjuly Sun 11-Jan-15 00:12:44

Nabootique, I guess my skin is normal/combination. Most of it is fine, it's just my jaw and chin really that have developed spots. Previously I used to just cleanse with some sort of quite normal cleanser on cotton wool (was baby lotion for ages and then Avene) and that was fine, but then my skin seemed to change.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice because Dr Bunting says to give something a proper try you need to stick with it for at least 6 weeks and not swap around to different things all the time.

ArabellaStrange Sun 11-Jan-15 00:21:00

Has your menstrual cycle changed at all?

juneandjuly Sun 11-Jan-15 00:32:14

No, it's always been very regular and textbook, and still is. I don't use any hormonal contraception so that hasn't changed.

Nabootique Sun 11-Jan-15 08:46:02

I'm a Caroline Hirons fan as well, but I see Dr Bunting doesn't agree with double cleansing. Like you say, there is a lot of conflicting advice. I do think the acne regimen is too harsh for you. La Roche do good products for blemishes, but they're more gentle.

FrugalFashionista Sun 11-Jan-15 09:10:17

There is a lot of conflicting advice and false promises because topical treatments of acne are generally quite ineffective and may work only for very mild acne. Worth seeing a GP or dermatologist - you need a prescription for the more effective stuff.

Eastpoint Sun 11-Jan-15 09:13:52

I developed acne on my chin & jawline in my late 20s, I resisted going to my GP but did, went on antibiotics & they cleared up. I wish I'd gone earlier.

FrugalFashionista Sun 11-Jan-15 09:22:48

I had a more active phase of adult acne about a year ago and at that time I took a look at medical texts. They don't even consider moisturizers or cleansing routines if you have lots of breakouts - see here. Benzyl peroxide is the first-line option, but just not effective enough if you have more severe acne. Lots of better alternatives out there!

lurkingaround Sun 11-Jan-15 10:39:04

I feel quite srongly about this, acne is a medical issue. Only the very mildest of cases will respond well enough to topical OTC stuff. See your GP is the best advice

nightswift Sun 11-Jan-15 11:11:01

I agree about the gp. Had clear skin- only the odd radom spot and then boom went through a very stressfull period and got lots on my chin and jawline. Gp gavw me 2 months of oral antibiotics and a topical antibiotic and my skin was clear within the month. Dont suffer go to the gp they wont think you are silly.

juneandjuly Mon 12-Jan-15 21:21:46

Thanks for all the advice. I don't think it is severe enough for anti-bs. It's not that many spots, but just more than before. I think I should try a more normal skin care routine before I go down the GP route. I have heard of LRP effaclar duo being good, does anyone have any more recommendations?

PrimalLass Tue 13-Jan-15 12:33:24

My skin is so much better after reading about retin-a cream on here. I also use a sonic brush (Clinique).

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