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Clinique Beyond Rose and Aromatics in White

(9 Posts)
Spidergirl8 Fri 09-Jan-15 21:09:02

I've read the reviews for Clinique Beyond Rose and Aromatics in White. They sound great but I'd really like to smell them first. I contacted Clinique and they said they don't supply samples. I'm based in Glasgow so I can't get to Selfridges or Harrods. Does anyone know what they smell like and would you recommend?

VenusRising Sat 10-Jan-15 00:12:07

Look them up on

Spidergirl8 Sat 10-Jan-15 09:04:01

Thanks, I did look them up on fragrantica, just not sure if I haven't smelt in real life. They do sound just my kind of thing though. Seems odd that Clinique don't offer samples for perfumes!

Paperblank Sat 10-Jan-15 09:48:10

Ex-Consulant here.

The only fragrance we ever had samples of was Aromatics and it was in the 4ml (IIRC) spray size - it was by no means a constant presence in our sample drawers.

Very very ocasionally you'll find a 4ml spray of Happy in a GWP but they just don't do sample sizes.


Spidergirl8 Sat 10-Jan-15 19:48:19

Thanks paperblank- did you ever try either? If do, what did you think?

thecatfromjapan Sat 10-Jan-15 21:21:31

Have a look on the perfume lovers threads - you'll find addresses for on- line sellers of samples.
I've tried 'beyond Rose' and I liked it. It is a very strong perfume , that approximates the oud-rose combination that has been popular. It is deep and sharp - the oud-style adding some spiky, medicinal edges to an intense, dark rose.
I didn't buy it because I found I could approximate it pretty well by layering "Paris" and body shop " Amber oud" - which I bought a while back and seems to have vanished from these shores.
That doesn't help you much - sorry!
If you love big, heavy perfumes , "beyond rose" is great. I would advise a tester, though. It is NOT cheap. I suspect it has been created with the middle eastern market in mind.
I hVen't tried "aromatic in white" - it sounds lovely.

Paperblank Sat 10-Jan-15 21:39:50

I didn't try either so I can't advise.

I have heard in the past that there are a number of fragrances created for the middle eastern market and these are sold in London high end stores Harrods typically. Whether this is true or not I'm not sure but it does sound likely.

Paperblank Sun 18-Jan-15 14:01:09

Apparently these two fragrances will be rolled out to stores. I've just been to JL in High Wycombe and the consultant said they will be in store in the spring!!

Spidergirl8 Sun 18-Jan-15 15:21:47

Thank you! I actually managed to get a30ml of Aromatics in White for £30 from Ebay. It's nice but quite subtle- certainly very wearable but I think the oud in Beyond Rose may be more appealing.

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