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Are any of the bra interventionists around this evening?

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LilacVesper Thu 08-Jan-15 20:06:49

I measured myself according to your guidelines sometime last year, but at the time I couldn't justify buying new bras (hadn't long picked up some new ones) and luckily the size I was I wearing didn't seem to be too far off what I seemed to need.

Fast forward a few months - some of my older bras need replacing and my boobs have apparently grown a tiny bit. The top side of the breast is spilling out of the cup a little. I've been wearing 32Fs/32FFs.

I've just measured myself and I'm 31.5 inches under the bust and 41.5 inches around the widest point when bent over.

What sorts of bras and sizes should I be looking at? I haven't really got a clue about different styles but I'd love a bra that could give me a proper cleavage - my boobs seem to point in the opposite naturally!

Thank you in advance, I hope you're not getting tired of all these bra threads! smile


Starting size would be a 32GG or thereabouts

Can you look at your breasts and try to work out whether they are:

-fuller on top or bottom
-close set or narrow set (how big is the gap between them)
-wide or narrow root (i.e. how wide is each breast, do they go round under your armpits etc
-how tall they are- do you have breast tissue quite far up towards your collarbone or do they start lower so they're quite compact height wise.

LilacVesper Thu 08-Jan-15 20:33:58

Hi Statistically

I've peered in the mirror and from what I can tell...

Slightly fuller on top
There's quite a gap between them
A fairly wide root
They're not at all perky so they're quite 'long' in that way but they definitely start quite a bit lower than my collarbone.

OKily dokily.

First up, you are going to have a bit of trouble getting good cleavage. Not impossible mind, but with the combination of naturally facing slightly outward, and having a widish gap makes it harder - and probably less comfortable day to day.

For slightly full on top boobs, you generally want a cup which is quite open at the top so you don't get quad boob.

Good bras for this shape;
-Cleo Marcie (might be too narrow but it's quite versatile and gives a great shape under clothes)
-cleo juna (wider)
-Cleo Maddie (shallower and wider)
-Cleo Lily and sister styles (again might be too narrow but worth a try)
-Panache Envy might work
-Freya Balcony shapes might work (they're quite wide and also have a natural slightly outward facing shape so could be very comfortable day to day)

Plunges which are good for wider breasts
-Bravissimo Satine
-Bravissimo Dixie (and other unpadded plunges)
-Curvy Kate temptress, tempt me and sister styles
-Freya deco might work actually, for those it works for it's fabulous

LilacVesper Thu 08-Jan-15 20:46:56

Lots of suggestions to try out! Thank you so much for your help smile

Pumpkinette Thu 08-Jan-15 22:16:05

Oh can I ask a quick question while you are here?

My back band measures 33. When I wear a 32 band I get deep red lines on my skin by the end of the day but my bra feels nice and secure and doesn't look too tight ( i don't have fat overhang at top or under bra)
If I go for a 34 it's too loose. It just about works on the tightest clips but once the bra stretches that's it too big. I did try the little extender clip things but for some reason my bra would partially unclip itself throughout the day.

Any suggestions on best solution?

Current bras are all Freya as after trying on 43 different styles and various brands these gave the best shape and fit.

Ps sorry to hijack I can start a new thread if you want.

Red lines/marks aren't actually a problem - they're a bit like the marks you can get from the elastic round the top of socks or similar. From what you say, it doesn't sound like they are causing you discomfort?

Pumpkinette Fri 09-Jan-15 08:02:34

Sorry I should have said that where the bra sits under my arm area is sore by tea time. The red lines are really deep and take 3 hours to fade.

Ive been hoping that it would get better once they loosen up a bit .

Pumpkinette Fri 09-Jan-15 08:26:22

The marks are of all the seams not just a line where the bottom band lies if that makes any sense. It's a perfect imprint of the whole bra left on my skin. The bit under my arm gets itchy but I try not to scratch because I don't want to break the skin.

The fit which is bugging you under your arm - is it the end of the wire, or is it where the wire is pressing on you? Does the wire mark seem to be on soft breast tissue?

Teaandflapjacks Fri 09-Jan-15 10:46:06

Can I also hijack? I have been doing a wardrobe re-order after getting back to my pre daughter weight. Only trouble is weight the same - but body completely changed - I have waited 14 months before doing anything to see if body would shrink back as was before,e but it's no use, I just have to get more clothes and bras etc accordingly. Leg, bum hips and arms much slimmer, middle mow wider and more of an apple shape. Boobs - I am wearing a 36 D and spend all day hoiking straps up. I have done the measure based on this link and have found I am :-

33 band
43 largest part of boobs

-fuller bottom
-close set - not much of a gap - this has lead me to buying wrong sized bar and being fitted incorrectly for years I think, because I get a cleavage very easily it appears bra fits?!
-wide root - yes they do go round under armpits
-how tall they are- the start by top of arm pit but not too droopy (yet!)- so nipple is about 4 inches under start and them the bottom curves up quite a bit.

Many, many thanks in advance.

Teaandflapjacks Fri 09-Jan-15 10:47:07

just re-measured the largest part and think maybe it's 42 closer than 43

leedy Fri 09-Jan-15 10:48:54

Also slightly thread-highjacking, I'm pretty sure I'm in the right size (34DD or 32E depending on style) but am wondering what bra brands suit breasts that are
- widely spaced
- fuller at bottom
- compact height-wise
- widely rooted
Basically, my boobs are aimed at my armpits. Current bras that fit well are Freya, but wondering if I could broaden my selection next time I need new bras.

Teaandflapjacks, size wise I think as you have relatively big boobs you will probably want to round down to a 32 to get enough and take the strain off your shoulders. I'd suggest trying 32gg/h, and if the 32H feels too tight in the band then try 34G/GG. Style wise, Bravissimo Satine, bravissimo dixie, cleo neve, possibly freya deco (might find you sink in it though) and Curcy kate temptress and sister styles. If you can put up with higher gores (i'm super close set but have trained myself to this!) then Cleo Juna, possibly Cleo Maddie, Possibly Bravissimo Alana...maybe Panache Envy

Leedy, Freya will be good for you in general, have you tried the Patsy half cup or the Deco half cup version? Bravissimo branded half cups, Fauve half cups (leia lingerie or brastop, they're cut like freya but more luxuroius fabrics) curvy kate ritzy/entice/carmen/tease me/thrill me, cleo juna and maddie, Bravissimo Alana, some of the Masquerade half cup/balconette shapes (check out mycurvesandme for bargains) spring to mind

Teaandflapjacks Fri 09-Jan-15 11:11:21

Thank you!!!! That is really, really helpful. grin

leedy Fri 09-Jan-15 11:12:31

That's really helpful for me too, thanks so much!! Am making a note of all those for when I next have money/need bras.

Teaandflapjacks Fri 09-Jan-15 11:26:47

sorry StatisticallyChallenged final question - I end up buying a larger band (have always done this even when slimmer) because I find what ever is considered the right band uncomfortable. Is this because I have been buying far to small cup sizes which is making the band feel off? I have only ever bought bras from M&S, victorias secret, chantelle etc - I think maybe this contributes. I had been wearing a 34 DD padded (bought a couple in diff colours) for a while under their advice (!) but by tea time the band was sore and I hoiked up the straps and then made them tighter and then they dug into my shoulder etc. I would look forward to bed time when i could take the ruddy thing off and pj time crept in earlier and earlier (often by 8 once I had settled daughter down). So should I order a larger and - like a 36 - to try on also? I live in Germany so will order a selection based on what I can get (they have a few of the bra's you mention for me above) at Asos or Zalando, try on at home and send back for free.

Basically, if the cup is too small it will steal space from the band and make it feel artificially tight. Imagine putting on a pair of shoes which are a size too big length ways, but three width fittings too small. They'd hurt like crap even though you're a 6 and they're a 7.

Also when the band is too big the bra falls forward, digging in under the boobs. And the straps take more of the weight so your shoulders hurt.

Short answer, heck no to the 36grin

Pumpkinette Fri 09-Jan-15 13:55:12

Not do much the underwire as these seams (see photo- Freya Deco Hatty bra). It's not the breast tissue that's marking it's just the skin over my rib cage. My breast tissue does start under my arms though so maybe it's not helping. Never had this issue with other Deco bras before but I previously was a 34ff and I'm now in a 32gg after losing a little bit of weight.

Ah, I know the little side seams you mean. They bug me too! Are you getting this issue with other (non deco) bras, and have you tried anything non freya? I'm wondering if this is just an incompatability - it can be something like the way your ribs flare is different to the band shape making it niggle.

Pumpkinette Fri 09-Jan-15 14:45:57

Thanks statistically I was thinking it might be to do with my sizing rather than the bra style, but I think you are right about my not being compatible with the deco.
All my current bras are freya, the deco is the worst for discomfort and marks. The rest just leave red lines at the band but it's not painful - they don't have the side seam. I did try on pretty much every brand stocked in debenhams last time and the freya ones gave the best shape and fit. I might have been looking at the wrong styles though. I used to always buy panache bras but I can't get the fit right with them now.

I'm a bit gutted as I just bought the Deco and it gives me an amazing cleavage. I might save it for nights out when I will only have it on for a few hours.

I sometimes find that I get worse marks from moulded bras too. I don't know why, but I do wonder if it's to do with how the weight is distributed with more depending on the wires where in a bra with several seams it's got that bit more flexibility to adjust and move with you.

What sort of breast shape do you have (have a look at the other active threads for what I mean!)

Pumpkinette Fri 09-Jan-15 17:25:31

Ok just measured and checked shape.

Back is 33
Boobs are 43 1/2 - 44

I would say they are bottom heavy
Narrow rooted - I think ( not under armpits and nipples are forward rather than too the side)
Gap is just under 1 inch at top and 4 inch at bottom
Don't think they are tall - breast tissue starts 5 inches down from collar bone.

OK, narrow roots generally aren't ideally suited to Freya - especially once you get to a GG when the cut changes (except deco) and they seem to become wider.

Have you tried anything by Cleo? I'm thinking the Lily/millie/minnie and various sister styles could be worth a look. Also potentially the Juna. Bravissimo Alana might be too wide, but is a good full on bottom bra so is worth a try. Bravissimo Dotty Spot could work, as could Bravissimo Bloomsbury. The Cleo Marcie is a fab bra, it might be too full at the top for you but is worth trying on to see as it helps to work out what would suits better. I also suspect that Kris Line (available on Brastop) and Ewa Michalak might work for you, but it would be useful to try on some of the other uk ones first to get a better idea of what works.

Size wise, you might need to go up a cup in some, especially as the deco runs on the big side. How are your other bras after a good scoop?

FlossieTreadlight Fri 09-Jan-15 18:04:27

I just have to chime in and say how impressed/awed I am by your bra skills, Statistically.

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