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Camel coat

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cardoon Thu 08-Jan-15 16:23:04

Anyone seen a camel coat like this in the sales?

DanGleebals Thu 08-Jan-15 18:18:32

ASOS have loads in the sale. I can't link because I'm on my phone but if you search loads come up - some for as little as £30 shock If I hadn't bought two coats in the sales already I'd get myself another one wink

MincePieDiet Thu 08-Jan-15 18:20:33

Yes asos. Also try massimo dutti and zara v

cardoon Thu 08-Jan-15 18:39:51

Have already ordered this one but it's not as nice a style as the first link sad

Schweetheart Thu 08-Jan-15 18:41:30

I'm always wary of the quality of asos own brand stuff. Anyone tried the coats irl?

Jewels234 Thu 08-Jan-15 22:26:37

Bought an asos brand camel coat and within a month it had fallen apart and looked disgusting. I had it dry cleaned but it still looked so sad.

TheCraicDealer Thu 08-Jan-15 23:33:26

I had The Dream camel coat from Next's petite range last winter, wore it to death. Unfortunately it was crap material and went all bobbly; have kept its sad carcass as I'm going to have to get another one made, can't find anything like it that'll wear better.

What about this from Forever 21? It's not in the sale, but at £34 you could buy three. Look at the other colours to get an idea of shape, the picture they've used for the camel looks like she's about to take off.

zinnia Fri 09-Jan-15 00:08:27

The Topshop slim pocket detail coat looks to be in the right ballpark. Not in the sale but still less than £60. Topshop coats usually OK quality for the money.

FashionLover1 Wed 20-Jan-16 14:42:57

Bought this camel coat, affordable wool camel coat, love it.

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