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SPANX - comfortable or not?

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kaykayred Thu 08-Jan-15 12:38:47

Like another poster somewhere on here, I am in the dreaded process of finding underwear for my wedding dress.

I think I have the bra sorted, but since the dress is a slim fit without any inner control, I really want something to make me feel a bit more confident about keeping my stomach under control, and smoothing over my hips.

I've seen a few products over at Spanx which look like they would really fit the bill, but I'd really appreciate any views on how comfortable spanx products tend to be.

I tried on a bustier recently, but it was horrible. It cut off at my hips which was not at all flattering as it gave me pronounced muffin top, and it was tight I thought I would faint after about five minutes. I would like to avoid that feeling!!

I would go and try on, but I'm out of the country and will have really limited time to sort it out once I get home.

flymetotheprune Thu 08-Jan-15 12:43:58

Personally I find Spanx very comfortable to wear once I've struggled into them. Downside though is going to the loo IMO the hole they provide to wee through just isn't big enough!

Apologies if that's tmi blush

kaykayred Thu 08-Jan-15 13:17:33

ahaha!! I will probably be going for the shorts or the super control tights that they do, so am hoping that I will able to get them down without too much problem....

I am adamant that no-one is "helping" me to go to the loo (on of the reasons I didn't pick a massive dress to begin with)!!!!

But you find them comfortable when they are on then that's the main thing!!

flymetotheprune Thu 08-Jan-15 13:36:29

I have the sort - think they are called Super Power - that start just under the bust and end mid thigh so taking them down for loo visits would be a total pita. I should think you will be ok though with the type you are looking at smile

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