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Laser/IPL hair removal at home - best gadget to buy?

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Rugbyscrum Wed 07-Jan-15 22:08:42

I'm considering buying a hair removal gadget using pulsed light or similar, so that hair removal is fairly permanent after a few treatments. This will be mainly for legs, I have thick dark leg hair on pale skin so these gadgets should work OK on me. However, given cost of these things (£175-£400 in shop today!) I'd appreciate some MN reviews on best buys. I today looked at the following models:
Phillips IPL and Lumea IPL
Remington I-light
Boots Homedics duo IPL device
Smooth Skin Gold
I'd prefer something fairly quick to use as it's for legs, and that will last or can have a replacement light thingy if needed. any help appreciated!

returnvisit Thu 08-Jan-15 22:29:52

Bumping as im thinking about this too but I have thick black hair on darkish skin!

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