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Can you have a fringe if you wear glasses? Is that a stupid question?!

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IHeartKingThistle Wed 07-Jan-15 20:44:51

I have been wearing glasses for a few months and I quite like them. I don't have a fringe at the moment as it's easier to tie back and I'm incredibly lazy but I always used to have one and it used to suit me I think.

But wouldn't a fringe sit on the frames and look weird and be annoying?

pnutter Wed 07-Jan-15 20:45:55

I do

DorothyBastard Wed 07-Jan-15 20:47:20

I just had one cut in today, I have thick framed rectangular glasses and a very round face. I'm really pleased with how it looks.

IHeartKingThistle Wed 07-Jan-15 20:47:37

Do you? Is it a full fringe or a side one?

UntamedShrew Wed 07-Jan-15 20:47:51

Depends on the frames I think, but I had a fringe this time last year (tempted to get one cut back in now actually) and think it actually looked better with my glasses than no-fringe does. What's your clothing style? I wear quite smart/preppy stuff anyway so think the whole geek-chic look worked with what I was wearing, whereas fringe and glasses could be harder if you wore softer styles.

You can tell I totally over-thought the whole thing, can't you? grin

IHeartKingThistle Wed 07-Jan-15 20:53:09

No Shrew it is very helpful! I don't wear floaty things as a rule - I like bright colours and retro-ish shapes. Or as my sister puts it 'one step away from kooky art teacher.' hmm

StatisticallyChallenged Wed 07-Jan-15 21:49:46

I do, big full fringe and glasses but have had side fringe too (and do occasionally when the full one gets a bit long!)

zooey deschanel

CaptainJamesTKirk Wed 07-Jan-15 21:51:06

I do. A full fringe. I'm blonde. My glasses are quite narrow and wide (if that makes sense) and dark in colour but not too chunky.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 07-Jan-15 21:52:01

I can't, it makes my face look cluttered. It's one reason (of many!) that I prefer contact lenses.

PurpleStripedSock Wed 07-Jan-15 21:53:21

Yes and yes smile

Tzibeleh Wed 07-Jan-15 22:03:12

I wear glasses and have had full-on triangular fringe, wispy just-the-front fringe, layered fringe (the sort that goes with a cropped all over style), side-swept fringe, and no fringe at all.

They all work well with glasses, as long as you get the length right. A straight fringe needs to be fairly short, and a side-swept fringe needs to be fairly long.

My current style is a layered fringe, and I really like the way the stylist has cut it so that I have enough length in part of the fringe to wear it all side swept if I want, but enough layering and choppy bits so that it is light enough that I can also style it in different directions.

I think fringes work well on me because I have quite a square jaw, so they balance my face well. If you have a heart-shaped or triangular face, then glasses probably widen your face already, and a fringe could make it look top-heavy.

But it's only hair. Try it. If you like it, brilliant! If not, never mind, it will grow back.

IHeartKingThistle Wed 07-Jan-15 22:03:21

Ooh encouragement! I just feel like I have such meh hair at the moment - I was blonde for ever but went back to light brown when I had the DC. I twist it off my face every day and if not up it's just dragged behind my ears and without a fringe it's a bit ... frumpy? I have very thick straight hair - I used to have a side fringe but I had a full fringe once and loved it. Sadly DH didn't!

IHeartKingThistle Wed 07-Jan-15 22:04:33

Tzibeleh I have the jaw too. So maybe a good thing!

IHeartKingThistle Wed 07-Jan-15 22:05:54

Actually it's not thick, it's fine but with a huge amount of hairs per square inch!

hugoagogo Wed 07-Jan-15 22:06:32

I was gonna say - duh! zooey deschanel grin

IHeartKingThistle Wed 07-Jan-15 22:17:55


I do have form for regrettable haircuts in January confused

whyhasmyheadgonenumb Wed 07-Jan-15 22:21:09

I did but it was awful. Then again a fringe doesn't suit me without glasses so why I thought adding glasses to the equation would help I don't know.
I took a picture, I don't look like the model though!

StatisticallyChallenged Wed 07-Jan-15 22:28:34

They suit me because they detract from my double chin grin

42bunnytails Wed 07-Jan-15 22:33:22

I always have. I've worn glasses since I was ten and had frown lines nearly as long.

Main problem is you spend two weeks with your fringe too short, two days with it the right length and four weeks with it too long, before you get fed up and take the scissors to it.

IHeartKingThistle Wed 07-Jan-15 22:37:14

Ah yes. I'd forgotten about that. Too short is the worst thing ever too.

RojaGato Wed 07-Jan-15 23:19:46

Yes, but you will need to get it trimmed regularly. If you can get a hairdresser that either does them for free between cuts or like £4, you're laughing.

I love my full blunt cut fringe. I look much better with a fringe, but it has to be above my eyebrows or it looks daft, so I have like an inch between too short and too long, hence the regular fringe trim.

CointreauVersial Wed 07-Jan-15 23:31:30

I'm another with a fringe and glasses (well, nowadays I'm normally in contact lenses).

It works for me because I have quite a long face.

When I was younger I always knew my hair needed a cut when my fringe started flicking outwards, having hit the top of my glasses. grin

CointreauVersial Wed 07-Jan-15 23:32:23

And I trim my own fringe.

IHeartKingThistle Wed 07-Jan-15 23:35:38

DH has just taken a selfie of us and in it I seem to have a prominent forehead vein! Methinks it is time for a fringe!

42bunnytails Thu 08-Jan-15 00:12:32

DH is pretty good at fringe trimming, but I alway forget to ask him. I always get it too short and it looks very daft.

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