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Why is my eyeshadow no longer staying put?

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WellTidy Wed 07-Jan-15 15:42:54

I am finding that my mid afternoon, my eyeshadow is basically not there anymore, and some of it has accumulated under my eyes making me look a bit panda eyed.

I wear subtle, neutral colours. I've tried using more matt shades in case it was the shimmery colours that weren't sticking, but it hasn't made a difference.

I've swapped from my usual MUA to Estee lauder in case it was a quality thing, btu it hasn't made a difference.

I use eyeshadow primer (MUA one).

What am I doing wrong?!

ForSaleChesterDraws Wed 07-Jan-15 15:45:48

Definitely change your primer. I can recommend Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Not a crease with it.

WellTidy Wed 07-Jan-15 15:49:15

I thought that might be it. Thanks for the recommendation.

bwow Wed 07-Jan-15 16:00:25

Maybe it's MUAs fault, I used to use the mua primer and it was really good. Then I'm sure they changed the formula. Urban decay primer potion is good. It's around £20 but with every day usage mine lasted a year.

WellTidy Wed 07-Jan-15 16:02:07

Funny you should say that bwow, this is a new tube of eye primer that I'm using. My eyeshadow didn't seem to fall off when I was using my old tube which ran out.

ForSaleChesterDraws Wed 07-Jan-15 16:03:10

UDPP made my eyes red raw. So many people love it.

bwow Wed 07-Jan-15 16:08:35

I'm sure they did, it was brilliant and bloggers were raving about it! If it's not broke...

squoosh Wed 07-Jan-15 16:26:20

The Nars primer is the best.

cocoblu Wed 07-Jan-15 16:32:23

try mac painterly as your eye primer, its not strictly a primer but I find it works really well as one.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 07-Jan-15 22:02:37

I've seen Benefit Lemon Aid well reviewed (not tried it myself but I'm considering buying some)

TheCraicDealer Wed 07-Jan-15 23:42:36

Agree with coco, the MAC paintpots are brilliant.

coffeenut Thu 08-Jan-15 04:06:31

Agree - MAC painterly (paint pot), i also use it as a concealer

Charlieneedscoffee Thu 08-Jan-15 09:32:31

I have the same problem and with mascara. I'm currently using NARs eye primer. I have used urban decay & benefit but neither worked for me.

Mac might have to be my next buy. wink

WellTidy Tue 13-Jan-15 08:36:58

Well, I had a Debenhams voucher for my birthday and so I bought the Urban Decay primer yesterday. No Mac in the local Debenhams, so that wasn't an option. I have used it today, so I will report back on it works for me. Fingers crossed! I have thrown the MUA one away anyway.

WellTidy Tue 13-Jan-15 13:53:52

Update: eyeshadow is still well and truly in place. With the MUA primer, I would be wiping it away from under my eyes by now. I'm delighted.

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