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Any henna experts out there?

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VillaVillekulla Wed 07-Jan-15 10:24:20

After getting tired of rubbish results from semi-permanent dye to cover the greys in my mid brown hair, I took the plunge and tried Lush Caca Brun henna the other day. I'm fairly pleased with the results. I left it on for 2.5 hours and it's made my hair a slightly darker, richer brown and has slightly blended the greys (but not as much as I'd like).

I've been reading around a bit and I've seen the Henna Boy website recommended on here before. I'm wondering if BAQ henna might be better than the Lush stuff but I don't know where to begin. I think I need a Henna/Indigo/Amla mix but I have no idea of quantities or how long to leave it on for.

Any tips from any henna experts would be much appreciated.

AgathaF Wed 07-Jan-15 15:52:04

I've been using the Lush henna for a few years now, mixing maron with noir. I also got fed up with poor results from both semi-permanent and permanent hair colours and didn't appreciate the drying effect they had on my hair either. For the last couple of months I've changed to this. It's much easier and quicker to use, doesn't fade at all (even though I have a lot of grey and the product is sold as non-permanent), and doesn't leave any kind of smell on my hair. The mahogany colour is quite bright, so if you are looking for a dark brown colour, then perhaps the chocolate colour might be better.

RayBloodyPurchase Wed 07-Jan-15 15:53:57

Is it really called 'Caca Brun'? shock

dizhin79 Wed 07-Jan-15 22:36:17

check out hope that's the right link, she has loads of advice on her webpage and Facebook page grin

VillaVillekulla Thu 08-Jan-15 08:51:16

Thanks. The Surya cream looks interesting. How long do you have to leave it on for? Is it less of a faff than the Lush stuff and does it cover greys? I'm definitely not after red so I'd go for the chocolate brown one. I'll check out the link to hennacat too.

Yes, it really is called caca brun. Godawful name but quite a good product.

AgathaF Thu 08-Jan-15 11:33:03

I leave it on for around an hour, an hour and a half last time as I forgot the time! It covers greys really well, and unlike the Lush henna, it doesn't fade off them so only needs redoing when it grows out. I had got to the stage of using the Lush stuff around fortnightly but this stuff is good for 4 - 5 weeks. It's a cream and goes on just like a normal hair dye, so much easier to use too. The mahogany that I use is bright though. I'm not bothered about that as I found the Lush stuff was not bright enough for me, or dark enough. I would advise doing a strand test though, just to check you have the colour that is suitable for you. The product can be re-used also, as long as it is kept relatively air tight between uses.

orangefusion Thu 08-Jan-15 21:31:39

I've been using Henna for 30 years. I love the way it makes my hair shine, it adds volume and it covers grey. It fades, that's normal. I spiritual sky and have for the most of the years, I've tried others but I dont get the depth of colour with any of the others.
I buy it online from

It is messy, it takes a whole morning; I leave it on for 2 hours minimum and I redo every 5 or so weeks when the grey comes through at the parting.

Lush stuff is too mimsy, it does not cut the mustard for me.

I have used the cream version of the Spiritual sky for regrowth but I need at least two full powder treatments a year.

Apply it like a chemical hair colour, use gloves and a proper tinting brush, section your hair and do the roots first then the rest of your hair. Pile it all up and then cover with a disposable shower cap (I collect them when I travel abroad - I literally have a drawer full of them - dont let anyone see you unless they love you unconditionally- its not a pretty sight). You might get a bit of staining for the first 24 hours but the second wash will remove any stains from your skin on your face/neck.

Keep a dark coloured towel for your hair- it will "bleed" for weeks, and prepare for orange/brown stains on pillowcases- it washes out.

I love the richness of Henna and even my hairdresser has to admit the shine is better than that of any of his fancy Aveda colours ever achieves.

Love2Dance Thu 08-Jan-15 23:32:14

Look at She's a blogger on curly/natural afro hair but has the best and most detailed Henna tutorials.

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