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Bordelle underwear - in love but not rich! Where do you buy your nice underwear from?

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Redcherries Tue 06-Jan-15 11:08:06

I have absolutely fallen in love with their entire range, but sadly I don't have millions in the bank. I have spent some time online looking to see if I can find similar but have had no luck so far. my underwear buying is very limited and tends to be plain black padded bras and black thongs (Primani up but nothing too expensive at all)

It's time to make more effort and a meal we have planned on Friday night is the perfect place to start. The dress I'm planning to wear is my husbands favourite but it has to have a certain stick on bra cup thing instead of a normal bra so I'm concentrating on the stockings, garters, belt and thong/briefs. I am a (seamed) stocking wearer if the belt sits well under my clothes and aim for a 6 set of fastenings in metal, normally from Stockings HQ but nothing is grabbing me. If I found a slip similar to the strappy ones I think I would change the dress I was wearing to allow for it ;)

So, where do you buy yours?

Amethyst24 Tue 06-Jan-15 11:44:21

£225 for a bra that doesn't even come in proper sizes?? <clutches pearls>

Agent Prov have some nice stuff, and Victoria's Secret do a range of sexay smells too.

mowglik Tue 06-Jan-15 11:57:01

Have a look at coco de mer.. Also ££ but they have a sale on and some nice mid range stuff

Redcherries Tue 06-Jan-15 12:04:28

Ohh, I hadn't looked at sizes, my bank account got in the way before I got that far ;)

AP has some gorgeous stuff, including a lovely set that I wanted from the sale at Christmas, but they took it all down and have now put it back. Unfortunately they are just tipping the scale of being too expensive now (Unless a client we are waiting on puts their remittance in today sad)

VS seem to only have their stuff online in America, sadly their nearest store is over an hour away so I'm going to have to rule them out! Although it would be fab to get measured properly.

Redcherries Tue 06-Jan-15 12:18:52

Coco de mer have some lovely bits. Now have AP and coco open, I can see where my lunch hour is going!

Thank you for suggestions so far!

ManAliveThisThingsFantastic Tue 06-Jan-15 12:28:12

L'agent by AP, the sister brand, are cheaper and gorgeous!

AmberNectarine Tue 06-Jan-15 12:46:28

I have lots of L'Agent - very reasonable in the sale.

Redcherries Tue 06-Jan-15 12:51:16

Manalive, some really lovely bits on there. Not quite right for Friday but I've saved to my favourites for future browsing.

This is a whole new world! How much does everyone normally spend on lingerie and are you wearing really nice stuff all the time? I'm really quite polished and cant leave the house in mismatch but have never really looked at what's out there.

Redcherries Tue 06-Jan-15 12:53:23

Is it comfortable? Another big question!

Chandon Tue 06-Jan-15 12:54:48

Bordelle means brothel, no?

LuckySaint Tue 06-Jan-15 12:55:28

Have a look at Myla, I've had some nice things from there in the past.

LuckySaint Tue 06-Jan-15 12:56:35

Vollers have gorgeous corsets, if you're in to that sort of thing.

LuckySaint Tue 06-Jan-15 13:02:56

Damaris is nice too.

Redcherries Tue 06-Jan-15 13:04:31

I cant afford a brothel either. I won't enquire about cheaper versions of those..

I have some gorgeous corsets but have had major surgery on my stomach so I'm not allowed to wear them any more sad I think that may be the sudden interest in lingerie, I have some serious scarring that doesn't bother me but could be dressed up ;)

Myla on the list. La Perla have gorgeous bits but too pricey. I'm going to need to remortgage to buy all the things I've fallen in love with today ;)

Redcherries Tue 06-Jan-15 13:30:44

Strange thing to call a luxury lingerie line though really, tempted to email and ask the inspiration..

CallmeViolet Wed 07-Jan-15 17:26:37

Hey, might i suggest you take a look at the gorgeous bits at
Boredelle is gorgeous but pricy as you say. Take a look at Ludique or Sonata. There are also some really excellent items in the sale!

StatisticallyChallenged Wed 07-Jan-15 17:35:33

nothing like some sly advertising...

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