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bra sizing help

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ChocLover2015 Mon 05-Jan-15 13:49:39

can someone help me please.I am trying to order a bra online.I tried ordering in the size I last bought (from M&S) but it was waaayyy too small.I think my old bra must have 'relaxed' a lot!
So my underbust measurement is 33 inches and my measurement around the fullest part is 40 inches.
Looking on the internet some guides talk about adding 5 inches and others don't.I will be just ordering probably from M&S
Thanks in advance for any help!

Firstly please, no inch adding. I can't link just now but Google the better bra campaign fitting guide and measure as described there

Also... M and s bras aren't actually very good in larger cup sizes

dementedpixie Mon 05-Jan-15 14:36:17

you're looking at sizes around 32F/FF 34E/F

Fairylea Mon 05-Jan-15 14:41:13

I wouldn't touch m and s with a barge pole if you're over a size D (which most people are). Their bras are really badly structured and at best just completely flatten! Go for something from bravissimo own brand or Freya or panache depending on your own shape, you might need to try a few.

You can also find the above brands cheap on ebay new and some sellers offer returns and refunds too. Worth a look.

Thanks demented... My phone is tricky to link from!

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