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Home dye job disaster - lighter roots

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GuiltIsMyMiddleName Mon 05-Jan-15 10:09:22

In an effort to start 2015 in a frugal way, I decided to colour my own hair.
As the title suggests, it didn't go well.
I last got it done at the hairdressers a couple of months ago and it was a warm light-ish brown colour (permanent).
Went to Sallys hair supplies and bought some Majirel in a slightly lighter dark blonde colour (perm).

Put in on last night (mixed with my 20 vol 6% developer) and now I've got darker ends and lighter roots where the virgin hair was.
Im guessing it's because i went slightly lighter? If i went the same colour/darker, would it have worked?
Should I attempt to correct this myself (I'm assuming I'd need to strip the dark colour out?) or just admit defeat and go to a professional and get it sorted out?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

TattyDevine Mon 05-Jan-15 17:07:53

Yep, you've got "root glow". Basically you can't lighten hair with permanent dye unless its virgin hair, so the dye has added a little more colour to your already lightish brown, but the 20 volume developer has lifted your virgin hair a bit and only deposited colour to the base level of the new colour (was it a base 6 or 7?) so you have two tone hair.

There are 3 solutions. One would be to "match" your roots to the rest by doing a root only dye in a darker colour to match your ends.

If you want to go lighter the other two options are to either strip the existing colour out and then try and get a colour match (this is faffy and tricky, but can be done, and involves waiting a week inbetween stripping the colour out and re-dying otherwise the original colour can reoxidise and you are back to square one) or bleaching it out/or lightening the overall hair colour with something like highlights and then maintaining your new lighter colour by just dying the roots.


GuiltIsMyMiddleName Mon 05-Jan-15 18:45:50

Tatty, thanks for taking the time to reply and explain all that.
I think from your reply, what I might do is try and match the roots to the rest of the hair (the colour I used was 7.03) so I might just get a 'brown' base and do the roots only with that? I'm guessing a 5 or a 6? Do I need to mix the same amount of developer (75ml) or should I use less?

TattyDevine Tue 06-Jan-15 17:08:51

Sorry, just saw this.

5 or 6 will be fine depending how dark you think the rest of your hair is. You probably won't need a whole tube of Majirel for your roots, I suggest using half (use a tablespoon measure from your cooking drawer as that is 25ml which is half a Majirel tube) then measure a tablespoon and a half of developer and mix it in. This will be plenty to do roots only.

TattyDevine Tue 06-Jan-15 17:10:57

If you are desperate to go lighter you could then have a half head of higlights (fine ones not chunky ones) and next time you have roots, go up a couple of shades and it should hopefully blend quite well. This is how I went light from a 5 base, I had a whole head of highlights that lifted it beautifully, then when I got the dreaded roots just started doing my roots with a level 8 and it looked an exact colour match to the body of hair.

GuiltIsMyMiddleName Wed 07-Jan-15 09:38:05

Thanks Tatty! Really appreciate the advice x

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