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Clinic for mole removal

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whereismagic Sun 04-Jan-15 13:48:51

I've finally decided to have a mole removed. It's on my face and I need somebody who can preferably leave no trace or very small scar behind. Can anybody recommend a clinic in London? I have a feeling I will have to go privately as our GP doesn't refer for anything.

pinkfrocks Sun 04-Jan-15 15:05:19

You have 2 options: first is your local private hospital- eg BUPA, Nuffield , Spire etc- loads in London. Search for consultants who should be plastic surgeons ( not 'cosmetic drs') and make an appt for a consultation. (I did this for a mole on my lipline- cost £550 for removal and no scar whatsoever.)

second option is a clinic like Sk;n ( that's not a typo!) which have centres nationwide. Google sk;in Clinic

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