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How do you do smart casual? In a rut.

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Bumpetybumps Sun 04-Jan-15 11:01:28

I work mainly from home (75% of time) and contact with clients is smart-casual. I'm in a rut. My very casual weekend wear is skinny jeans and nice tops and my smart casual wear is black trousers- tailored and slim leg- with neutral tops, often greys (think Mint Velvet). I also have some wool tunics and a couple of wool dresses ( The White Company) and that's it.

I tend to avoid skirts because they seem to be a faff to match tops with, and at 5 3" I need to be careful not to cut myself in half. I also have 'problem feet' so wear boots or sandals mainly- find ballet pumps almost impossible.

I don't suppose there is anything I am missing? I'd like more dresses but always end up with none because so many look 'occasion' or smarter than I need.

I'm an 8-10 hourglass-ish - 35-27-36.

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