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Pixie hair cut went wrong...

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TheNewWitchOfSWL Sun 04-Jan-15 00:28:05

The hair salon is closed tomorrow and Monday. Well I am going back to work on Monday, will have to find and pay for another professional to fix my heir.
I didn't realise it was so bad until I got home. Shit.

MulledLairyFights Sun 04-Jan-15 00:58:59

Plenty of chain salons are open tomorrow. Write yourself a list of local ones tonight and start calling the before they open (as IME they answer when they're setting up)

Use words such as "emergency" "desperate" "nightmare"

Hopefully one will fit you in.

Have LOTS of pictures of your current cut for when you return to your regular hairdresser

MulledLairyFights Sun 04-Jan-15 00:59:39

...I'm really intrigued... How do you mean "wrong?"

MyFirstName Sun 04-Jan-15 13:07:38

Again, what do you mean by wrong? There was a thread here a few months back about a similar thing and the MN Massive helped the OP through it (went back to the salon for a fix and the cut ended up being fantastic with some extra shaping around the ears and a lighter fringe. The resulting "fix of the bodged job" took years off the OP. And fixed for free by the salon owner. Could you dare a picture?

Could it just be you need an interim way to style it (different product etc) so you can get back to the salon for them to fix for free?

TheNewWitchOfSWL Sun 04-Jan-15 19:16:53

I have very curly hair borderline afro (I am mixed race) and basically just wanted a short boy cut same length all over. Done twice before, no problem. Even took a photo of myself with that hair cut to show the hairdresser.
The hair cut is just too weird, I have done it before so I know it isn't looking right. I managed to trim the bits that weren't exactly the same length but it is still very weird. Couldn't spend more money going to another salon so will have to brave work tomorrow and hopefully pop in the salon on Tuesday after work to see if she can do at least shorter with the machine for free. The place doesn't open on Mondays.

meltedmonterayjack Sun 04-Jan-15 20:29:04

I feel your pain NewWitch. Hade mine cut from short (which I loved) to pixie cut, which has been cut very oddly and I look like a flipping pineapple sad I'm going to go back on Tuesday (also closed tomorrow) and ask her to do something with the back as it's not even and it's too whispy at the neck. Thank goodness we're not Barbie dolls and have hair that'll grow back. Grrrr. I feel very frumpy with mine. Hope your place sorts yours out and it looks better.

TheNewWitchOfSWL Sun 04-Jan-15 20:55:56

I just hate confrontation and don't see how I will sum up the courage to ask her to do something about it without charge as I left the salon saying nothing negative.

KnitterInTheNW Sun 04-Jan-15 21:51:06

Could you say it looks different now that you've washed it, and could they please sort it out?

IHeartChristmasMoomies Mon 05-Jan-15 03:56:28

I think any salon worth it's salt will be fine.

I once went back to Toni and Guy and complained and got a whole new haircut out of it. I was annoyed as the lady who did my hair cut it wonky (not evident till I dried it myself) and clearly had no clue how to cut a side fringe.

I just popped in on the off chance, the manager saw me, had a look and agreed then and there to sort it all out for me which he did, free of charge.

I think so long as you go in saying once you got home and washed it yourself you realised it wasn't quite right, here's the photo then they really should sort it for you for nothing.

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