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Clothes for tall women

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suddenlycupishalffull Sat 03-Jan-15 17:54:43

Where do I find them?! I'm looking for a swimsuit in particular, cossies are always too short in the body but Long Tall Sally and Next Tall are drawing a blank. Is there anywhere else I can try?

Saltire Sat 03-Jan-15 17:59:11

Tall and All, or Tall Girls have good stuff - not sure about swimsuits though

arlagirl Sat 03-Jan-15 18:03:16

Lands End do long length swimwear.
And Next Tall might have their new collection in.

The quality of LTS swimwear is appalling.

suddenlycupishalffull Sat 03-Jan-15 18:12:48

I've never actually bought LTS, always just looked so that's a good tip, thank you! It's infuriating as I have to buy so bigger size so I can pull the cossie up but what I really need is a longer length body. My bikini days are long (long long long) behind me so its gotta be a one piece! I would even consider an American site as I have time before my holiday to wait for posting.

dexter73 Sat 03-Jan-15 18:15:06

How about a tankini instead of a one piece? No wedgies with them!

suddenlycupishalffull Sat 03-Jan-15 18:18:01

Yes I'm afraid it's been a wedgie-fest for the last couple of years dexter smile not a pretty sight! I feel I look awful in a tankini, too much potential for muffin top overspill sad it needs to all be contained!

Mumraathenoisylion Sat 03-Jan-15 18:25:29

Marking place, have just been googling for the exact same thing.

LurkingQuietly Sat 03-Jan-15 18:32:19

Speedo certainly used to do long length costumes. Not sure if they still do.

Incapinka Sat 03-Jan-15 18:33:51

I've just bought a sweaty Betty one for pool swims and went up a size to get the length and that's worked well. However it isn't a pretty holiday one...

BCBG Sat 03-Jan-15 18:37:52

Marking place - have twelve year old daughter who is already 5'9 1/2" and 36" leg - where, oh where, do we shop for clothes that are appropriate for tall teens? sad

arlagirl Sat 03-Jan-15 18:38:56

I have a six feet dd...she gets jeans in Top Shop

arlagirl Sat 03-Jan-15 18:39:23

In fact we wear the same ones...Leigh skinny

suddenlycupishalffull Sat 03-Jan-15 19:42:04

I'll give Speedo a look now. Inca did you find the fit ok sizing up? I'm not over-generous on top so tend to find the bigger size swamps me as I'm just not busty enough!

Leedscatgirl Sat 03-Jan-15 19:54:33

Simp,y be or JD Williams both do longer length swimwear

springrain Sat 03-Jan-15 20:05:17

BCBG my DD lives in New Look and Top Shop tall clothes - you have to order on line unless you have a really big store near you. You can order more than 1 size and have delivered to store, try on in shop and return what doesn't fit. New Look also good for large shoe sizes for teens.

BCBG Sat 03-Jan-15 20:31:13

ok thanks - we have managed to survive with Top Shop Tall jeans so far but she really wants some dresses or skirts - will have a look online, thanks

BCBG Sat 03-Jan-15 20:32:47

Do your DDs get teased for being tall? my DD is very sensitive about being a high street size 10 when most of her friends still have their Johnnie B clothes etc measured in inches...

sleepysleepy Sat 03-Jan-15 20:34:50

I'm very tall and boden now do a long length that has been better than anything I've come across before. I swim five miles a week and its survived a good 6 months so far, lovely not to end up with bare cheeks at the end of each length!

suddenlycupishalffull Sat 03-Jan-15 20:42:08

Sleepy can I ask for a link to your cossie? I use Boden a lot but didn't know they did this?

sleepysleepy Sat 03-Jan-15 20:50:56

Not sure how to link, but it was this one

sleepysleepy Sat 03-Jan-15 20:52:56

Im hoping this year they will do a few more long styles? Not much on the site currently though.

suddenlycupishalffull Sat 03-Jan-15 21:09:01

Oh ok yeah I've seen that one, it looks lovely. But how do you get the longer length? There doesn't seem to be an option on the sizes?

Passthecake30 Sat 03-Jan-15 21:19:32

I've recently found a long line black zoggs one, hardly exciting but my LTS swimming costume and tankini went see through and I gave the lifeguards an eye full! Im 6ft.

DramaAlpaca Sat 03-Jan-15 21:24:30

Agree with others that LTS quality is appalling. Not just their swimwear but all their stuff. I've given up on them now as everything I bought had to go back.

My swimsuit is a Speedo. I sized up & the stretch gave me the extra length I needed. I also have a Boden tankini that works well as the top is quite long.

For teens I think Tall Girls online is quite good.

sleepysleepy Sat 03-Jan-15 21:26:23

It gave me the option of long? Maybe they have sold out- when I linked they had a size 8 in black left?

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