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Landsend kids clothes for adults?

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boobashka Sat 03-Jan-15 17:28:19

Always like the LE catalogue for kids. Their range goes up to age 12-13. Would it fit a size 10 adult do you think?

Size 5 shoes too at fantastic prices so might give them a go... grin

airedailleurs Sat 03-Jan-15 20:45:06

funnily enough I was thinking this the other DD has a wonderful down coat from Lands End bought for an absolute bargain price in the sales last year and I was thinking I should have got the largest girl's size for myself. I am a size 10 but in my experience their smallest adult size is usually too baggy for me and clothes I have bought have been too baggy and unflattering. Kind of depends on your height too and the type of clothing you are buying...

To digress slightly, I often get older girls' clothing and shoes (they go up to size 41!) from Boden for myself and they are fab. At the moment I have some jeans and pumps. I only ever buy in the sale though as otherwise they are just too pricey.

traviata Sun 04-Jan-15 22:22:30

I am wearing some girls' Lands End boots in size 5, they were a great sale bargain last year. I do find them comfortable, but they are a touch narrow.

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