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Quick Q re Mango sizing

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Chimichangaz Sat 03-Jan-15 08:03:22

Looking at buying some trousers and jackets from Mango - never shopped there before and wondering how they size up?

I'm normally a size 10 bottoms, sometimes 12 on top. I'm a 10r bottoms at Next, and 10p top if that helps anyone give me advice. I'm a 12 top at warehouse, 10 medium bottoms at M & S. Oh and I have a bit of muffin top so high waisted trousers better for me.


GiniCooper Sat 03-Jan-15 08:48:34

IME the sizing is a bit hit and miss.
I'd say the more tailored things are true fit as in a 10 is a 10. I've size 10 dresses that are a really perfect fit.

I have bought casual tops in size S that I've had to send back for XS and there is no way I'm even close to being XS.
They are very generously sized on that side. As in I might size up in other shops for cardigans or jumpers there is definitely no need in mango.

Can't comment on trousers as I haven't bought any.

IKYTWTLYA Sat 03-Jan-15 08:52:21

I'm around a size 10 (as in, and M&S 10 is too big but a 10 most other places fit) and bought some Mango trousers in a 10. They fit rely well! But they don't seem to have a standard length, you have to check every single pair you look at - the longer lengths (31in) are few and far between but do appear to be that length in reality.

I got two pairs for less than £15 each. Best trousers I've ever bought, I reckon!

IKYTWTLYA Sat 03-Jan-15 08:54:10

Oh, if you're a 10 bottoms in M&S you might want to try the 12s from Mango. I definitely didn't get the vanity sizing that Gini has experienced.

mrsnec Sat 03-Jan-15 09:02:08

I think their tailored stuff isn't as generous as the other stuff. I am an m and s 12. In mango I wear their jumpers and jumper dresses in a medium but I'd probably need an xl in a jacket same as trousers. It does depend on your shape.

Chimichangaz Sat 03-Jan-15 09:38:18

Hmmm. Wondering if I should order both 10 & 12 to be on safe side? My m & s 10 bottoms are to fit my waist, they tend to be a bit bigger round my flat arse...

trader21c Sat 03-Jan-15 10:40:23

I always fine Mango on the small side - usually take L when I'm a 12 in many other stores

lurkingaround Sat 03-Jan-15 11:18:32

Order both sizes. I think their sizing can be quite random. I've had to size down in trews, and up in other things. 'Tis most annoying, this random sizing.

plentyofshoes Sat 03-Jan-15 12:37:57

I have just returned a size 10 dress as it is huge. I found found it measures quite big.

burnishedsilver Sat 03-Jan-15 15:58:05

Totally inconsistent. I have items ranging from size 8 to 12 and they all fit

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