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Any way to make a leather skirt bigger?

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Redtartanshoes Fri 02-Jan-15 18:41:59

I've just rediscovered the most beautiful Ox blood leather skirt that I bought 13 years ago.

It needs the zip replacing, but still it's about an inch off zipping up. Whilst I'm in a diet (2 1/2 down, another 1/2ish to go) I don't think it will fit then tbh. I'm a totally different shape now to what I was then..

So, is there a way of making it a bit bigger?

It's beautiful and I need it hmm

TravelinColour Fri 02-Jan-15 18:43:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LizzieMint Fri 02-Jan-15 18:44:37

Could you have a contrasting panel or two put in, say down the side seams?

Redtartanshoes Fri 02-Jan-15 18:47:41

Side panels might work.

Other than that it's water for the next month just so I can bloody wear it once.

It really is the most beautiful soft beautiful thing in a fucking size 8

southeastastra Fri 02-Jan-15 19:01:06

i have a leather stretching spray for shoes from john lewis, maybe it will work for skirts?

trainersandaches Fri 02-Jan-15 19:03:15

I have just bought an Oxblood leather Banana Republic skirt today too and am thrilled with myself! grin

Redtartanshoes Fri 02-Jan-15 19:28:07

I'll make it fit even if it kills me. grin

Redtartanshoes Sat 03-Jan-15 18:52:48

Good news!

The stitchy lady can fix! She's going to cut 3" off the top so the waist starts lower down where it's bigger! (It's below knee anyhow so 3 inches won't make any difference wish that could always be the way wink)

Only gonna cost £15


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