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Eyeliner crayon/chubby sticks

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OnlyLovers Fri 02-Jan-15 18:32:49

Recommendations needed, please! I was enjoying using the Smashbox Shadow Liners but they've stopped doing them. Anything similar that works and is about the same price (£17) or less?

Ideally I'd like a dark or olive green like the Smashbox one I was using, but a dark brown or black would be fine too.

I think the chubbiness is the most important factor as I'm inexpert in applying eyeliner and crayons seem to be the most idiotproof.

DaftSkunk Fri 02-Jan-15 18:59:26

I have a couple of MUA crayons which I really like. They're cheap too, I think I bought 2 for £5 or £6.

TallulahBetty Sat 03-Jan-15 20:06:56

Definitely the MUA ones or Collection.

Bouncey Sat 03-Jan-15 22:04:44

The charlotte tilbury colour chameleon pencils are lovely - they are designed to complement your eye colour and make your eyes really stand out.

bluebump Sat 03-Jan-15 22:20:07

I've got a Collection one that I like in a sort of bronze/brown colour. I think it may be waterproof and it certainly stays on all day and is really cheap.

BiancaDelRio Sat 03-Jan-15 22:25:19

Not crayons but the Maybelline Colour Tattoos are the best budget cream eyeshadows I've used.

Kiko do lovely blendable crayons.

If money was no object I'd recommend the By Terry Ombre Blackstar crayons or The Trish McEvoy 24 Hour Eyeshadow sticks. Both amazing.

OnlyLovers Sun 04-Jan-15 13:23:07

Thanks all! I like the sound of the Charlotte Tilbury (but will have to save up) or MUA. Are the MUA ones these? INCREDIBLY cheap if so!

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Sun 04-Jan-15 13:40:36

Barry m do a chubby pencil that I use. That's an olive green. I have quite a bright green one as well that's surprisingly nice.

I had a Clinique one as well (think it was Clinique) that was a chubby stick basically an eye version on the lip ones.

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Sun 04-Jan-15 13:41:41

This one on moss

OnlyLovers Sun 04-Jan-15 16:32:33

Thank you! Such good tips.

DaftSkunk Mon 05-Jan-15 20:20:00

These are the MUA ones

Becles Mon 05-Jan-15 20:47:09

Another vote for the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. Amazing and got me back into eye make up on a daily basis. I am so petrified that they'll discontinue them envy that I have at least two unopened jars of my fave colours (purple, navy, silver, peacock green). I luffs this brand with an unseemly passion. blush

I will also use the Rimmel ScandaleyesShadow Stick when I want a neat application rather than the full on wow. Lots of people asking for details as they really pop.

OnlyLovers Tue 06-Jan-15 10:15:30

The MUA and Rimmel ones look amazing.

Can't wait til I have time to get to Superdrug/Boots. Happy days. smile

OttiliaVonBCup Tue 06-Jan-15 10:21:05

I bought one of the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleons and I had a lot of 'You look nice' comments when wearing it.

Of course it could be a coincidence.

leedy Tue 06-Jan-15 11:21:59

Distraught to learn that they've discontinued the Smashbox ones! sad

OnlyLovers Tue 06-Jan-15 11:26:01

leedy, I know! I discovered them late, as well –apparently they discontinued them ages ago but brought back remaining stocks to sell on the UK website, which was when I first heard of them. I only managed to get one. sad

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