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PLEASE help me find the perfect LBD

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ShyGirlie Fri 02-Jan-15 16:46:32

i've never had a wear-anywhere dress that i can pull out at short notice for events.

would love to have a classic little black dress, and i've spent so much time looking for one but my search has been fruitless so calling on you experts to help!

I'm tall at 5ft8, and am about a size 14 on bottom, 12 on top. My hips are wide and have a tummy that i'd prefer to conceal. Anything bodycon or clingy is out the window, but i don't like fussy frills and flounces either. I'm looking for something fairly simple and classic, but dressy and stylish. Preferably knee length or slightly shorter. Am i looking for the impossible?!

Budget up to £50, would love it to look more expensive.

tethersend Fri 02-Jan-15 17:56:20

off the shoulder

ShyGirlie Fri 02-Jan-15 18:48:00

thats a really beautiful dress, but i think it might highlight my hips and tummy sad

tethersend Fri 02-Jan-15 19:32:05

How about something like this? Out of stock online, but might be worth checking in store?

tethersend Fri 02-Jan-15 19:33:15


What length sleeve do you want?

tethersend Fri 02-Jan-15 19:37:15


tethersend Fri 02-Jan-15 19:38:23

and again

ShyGirlie Sat 03-Jan-15 01:45:53

sorry, been out all evening!

just ordered the first asos one you linked to. have ordered the 12 and 14 so hopefully one of them fits and is flattering on me. really need to try to get into better shape!

don't mind what sleeve length.

thanks for your help tethersend! thanks

if anyone else finds some other ones, please continue to link as i'm willing to try a few.

BestIsWest Sat 03-Jan-15 12:22:01

I have this and it is very flattering.

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