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Best £5 I've spent....

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whitebits Fri 02-Jan-15 16:17:53

...has been on the revamped Rimmel 25hr Foundation (red cap). I tried the original formula a few years ago and thought it was bloody awful and summed up everything I hated about cheaper foundations - shit colour match and really cakey. But this stuff is bloody marvellous. They've added something called "comfort serum" (marketing blurb I know, but whatever the hell it is it's definitely changed the foundation). It blends beautifully, matches my skin really well and also lasts for a decent amount of time on me. It has pretty decent coverage too and covers the acne scars on my chin. And it hasn't done that horrible thing that some long wearing foundations do where they curdle/separate on my skin. Usually £7.99 but got it for a fiver in Morrisons, also a fiver in Semi Chem I think. Worth a try if you're on the look out for a new foundation.

Shop Sat 03-Jan-15 09:54:18

Will have a look out for this, thanks!

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