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Anyone bought from Tidestore?

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HexBramble Fri 02-Jan-15 15:20:40

I spotted them advertising on MN and I'm loving some of their slouchy jumper dresses. Some items are...not to my taste although I have odd taste I must say. Has anyone here seen this website before? Or bought from it?

HexBramble Sat 03-Jan-15 10:18:39

Ah ok, no one then.
I've bitten the bullet and bought some items, mostly jumper dresses and a coat. The reviews are...well, puts me in mind of the same one person writing them all, so I shall wait and see. I'll post back if when parcel arrives.

gruffaloshmuffalo Sun 10-May-15 08:52:38

I know this is old, but I've just ordered from them. What were they like?

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