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I think I'm losing my hair....

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BeeRayKay Fri 02-Jan-15 08:31:04

Honestly, I thought I was being a bit precious. I always am about my hair, I spend hours conditioning it and treating it kindly. And because I died it 8 weeks ago (using Olia and going brown) I've been even more careful than normal....letting it air dry, using heat as little as possible, using JOICO hair repair products, intensive conditioning, same as I always do.....

But in the last week I've been loosing noticable amounts, the amount I'd expect to lose after bleaching my hair badly.....and I thought I was being stupid until yesterday my husband noticed that around the front of my head its getting thinner, luckily I have enough hair that at the moment it's not noticeable.

But I aren't sure what to do....if I go to the doctors I'm sure they'll disregard it.

Has similar happened to anyone else?

Extra info: it's really quite thick and takes ages to grow, I've been at the same length for a few months now.

EustaciaBenson Fri 02-Jan-15 10:43:27

I have no idea if its linked to the hair dye or not but id go to the doctors and ask to have your thyroid and iron levels checked just to be on the safe side, they should be fine about doing it if you mention their hair loss. Hopefully someone will be along who knows more about hair dye to help

Funkytown Fri 02-Jan-15 10:46:28

im unsure if hair dye will cause hair to fall from the root
more snapping mid way ?
i had a baby and lost massive patches of hair at the front it was very distressing (only now has it started to grow back ) the gp won't laugh at you they will take you seriously a nu,her of conditions can cause hair loss and i think your first step will be a blood test

Sillysausage2 Fri 02-Jan-15 13:43:05

I second the doctor opinion, I had an overactive thyroid after having LO and lost a lot of hair.
Vitamin E supplements are very good too, within a week of taking them my hair stopped falling out

ClaraM Fri 02-Jan-15 13:54:38

I agree, GP should take it seriously and there are a number of relevant blood tests. I have a type of alopecia which is quite rare, but which causes your hair to recede from the front and temples. Are there signs of inflammation around your hair roots (ie redness)? Do you get any itching or tingling on your scalp? It is very slow progressing though and unlikely to be this. Most alopecias can reverse back and hair will regrow. I would go easy on the dye as the fact your hair is falling out after it seems to show some stress in the hair follicle, although I'm no expert! I would increase your iron intake - blood tests may show your iron is ok, but the dermatologist I saw told me to increase intake anyway as this helps the hair.

IsadoraQuagmire Fri 02-Jan-15 14:16:01

First check to see if they're shed hairs or broken off hairs (if they're shed hairs, you'll be able to feel a small bulb on the end)
If it's hair breakage it could be due to the peroxide in the dye you used (I'm sure you know all dye, whatever color, contains peroxide except true semis that last "up to 8 washes")

If you can feel the bulb on the end, then it's shedding and you should get blood tests, not just for thyroid levels and iron, but a full blood count.
There's no point in taking any extra vitamin or supplement unless you actually know you're deficient in it and that the lack of it is causing problems (it's a waste of money and might do more harm than good)

gatewalker Fri 02-Jan-15 14:16:24

I would recommend Philip Kingsley if you live anywhere near London. They are hair-loss experts, and will refer you to a doctor if need be. But they investigate thoroughly through blood work and scalp examination. I would trust them over a GP.

BeeRayKay Fri 02-Jan-15 18:05:59

It's shed hair not breakage. Hubby also recommends the doctor.

Gatewalker, I don't live near London but my mil does so it's not an unfeesible suggestion.

Thank you all so much x

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