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Has anyone had hair extensions?

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GatoNaranja Wed 31-Dec-14 19:51:03

I'm sick of my thin, slightly fluffy, fine hair and feel that if I could just have it bulked out a little it would make me look so much better!

I don't want ridiculous looking 'WAG-style' extensions as I am not that type at all, just some natural and subtle looking ones that are the same length as my hair.

Has anyone ever had them? Would you do it again or not? How long did they last and how much did they cost? Also where would you recommend I go?

Thanks in advance - am going out in a bit but will check back later/tomorrow.

DollyTwat Wed 31-Dec-14 19:59:44

I did years ago when they first came out. I have very fine hair so they tended to slip out after a while
Also my hair was cut around them so the difference wasn't noticeable, which meant when they all eventually fell out, my hair was a mess

I loved them, but they need a lot of maintenance and no one really noticed! I did work with mostly engineers at the time so that's why!

Lunawolf Wed 31-Dec-14 20:00:49

I have very fine hair and I had sew in extensions for years. My own hair became weak and thinner than it was before the extensions - this made it difficult for me to go without them! I decided to brave it and had them taken out 2 years ago. My hair was thin and didn't grow for about 6 months. After regular trips to the hairdresser for trims my hair is now longer than my extensions were and it looks thicker and healthy. I thought my extensions looked like my own hair - they didn't. I look like a "WAG" in all photos confused Never again!
There might be better ways of "fitting" them which is less damaging to your hair. I wouldn't recommend sew in!

yippeekiyaymiffy Wed 31-Dec-14 23:03:53

I have the same issue OP and I've been having nano bond extensions for about six months. I absolutely love them, the colour match is fantastic and they make my hair look so much thicker and tidier. I had extensions years ago and I was surprised at how much they have improved. They cost me about £300 initially and then £50 every few months to be maintained.

MyFirstName Wed 31-Dec-14 23:18:28

You can have your extensions fitted by a mobile technician (cheaper than salon). Make sure that the technician is qualified/trained. Also one that is happy to spend some time talking through what you want before you commit. There are lots of different ways of applying extensions (glue, rings...and others) so find someone who can do the various methods (not just one) so they do the best for your hair/what you are after.

btw never had extensions myself - just one of my close friends has them and is a technician now so have picked up stuff from her over the years.

tomanyanimals Thu 01-Jan-15 11:35:38

I had sew in I do not recommend I lasted a month before they annoyed me

Apophenia Thu 01-Jan-15 15:55:46


I've had raccoon hair extensions twice ( you get two times with the hair you buy - it's removed and replaced after three months..)

I liked them. I had them to get my hair from the bob I had, past the annoying 'down the back of the collar' phase. They were very good though and moved and acted like my own hair.

I definitely suited them which surprised me as I've had short hair for all my adult life.

They were expensive though. Over four hundred pounds.

happyfeet1 Thu 01-Jan-15 16:00:03

My sister had 3 strips of micro ring extentions on on the 21st of December by a mobile tech. Cost £130 for the hair and £50 for fitting. The bottom strip just slud out after 6 days so she had had the £50 refunded.

I have no experience of them myself but would say to make sure the tech is reputable etc as I think my sister just found this lady on Facebook.

SparklesForEveryone Thu 01-Jan-15 19:01:48

I've used micro loops in the past and they're pretty good

I put them in myself and trim them too...

GatoNaranja Fri 02-Jan-15 11:07:18

Thanks everyone, erring towards the micro loops. This has been really helpful.

FelixFelix Fri 02-Jan-15 12:26:05

Micro rings are good, but you have to make sure you get them done by someone decent or they will start sliding out quite quickly.

Have you considered some good quality clip-ins? I find permanently attached extensions really do my head in after a while and I want to take them out. With clip-ins, I can literally spend 5 minutes in the morning putting them in and then can take them out when I get home and I've had enough grin If you learn to put them in correctly, then they won't budge until you want to take them out. It will save your hair a hell of a lot of damage too, especially if it's thin already. I use clip-ins quite often and no one can tell they are fake unless I specifically tell them.

I find getting extensions a hard cycle to break, as even if you get them put in using a really good method they still damage and thin out your real hair then you have to either keep getting them done or go cold turkey and try and get your hair back to its original condition (I've not had this problem with clip-ins by the way).

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