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laser hair removal - good idea? london clinic suggestions?

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tricot39 Wed 31-Dec-14 19:28:11

Hi. I saw a couple of Groupon offers for laser hair removal using the Soprano system. I have been thinking about it for a while but don't know if I am a great candidate as I have fair (but coarse) hair and fair skin. Can anyone share their experiences and if good, tell me which clinic you used? Thanks in advance!

Hamsterian Wed 31-Dec-14 22:54:04

Hi there,
I have fair hair and fair skin too. Had my first session a few weeks ago and am very impressed with how much less hair is growing.
Go for a consultation and they will do a patch test and check if you're a good candidate. Nowadays they can do pretty much all combinations of skin colour and hair colour.
Soprano is definitely the best as it is less painful. Can hardly feel a thing.
I am using Soho Laser Hair Clinic, staff there is very nice. The therapist was really sweet, I was a bit embarassed when it came to do the bikini area and she was very reassuring and kind.
Prices also the best in London in that clinic, did loads of research before going for them. They regularly have discount codes which you can use on top of the already discounted packages, so wait for one of those to come out.
Have you decided which areas? I'm doing half leg, full bikini and under arm. Have now decided to do arms as well.

tricot39 Sun 04-Jan-15 22:47:46

Thanks for replying! I forgot to check back. The groupon voucher was (what seemed an amazing) £399 for legs, underarms and bikini at Nuriss. I better check back to see that I have those figures correct! I actually started looking for my hairy chin but would love to sort out the rest of me, so the chin may have to wait!

rubyshatkin Tue 12-Jan-16 10:23:06

Hi tricot39! I've been having laser hair removal treatment on my legs. I constantly go to my sessions and the results are good. I had my last session last year, and I'm proud to say that 80% of the hair is gone and hasn't come back. There really was a huge improvement and it's also a good experience.

Just a suggestion, give this a try:

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