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Cachet make earring butterflies - are weird?

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OmnipotentQueenOfTheUniverse Wed 31-Dec-14 19:07:54

I got some earrings for yesterday these ones and they have come with these weird big plastic butterflies.

Am I supposed to swap them for some normal ones I have about my person?

Or are they supposed to be worn like this - is this how they are now? (Not worn or browsed or bought earrings for about 10 years).

Help appreciated so I don't go to work with display butterflies or something and have everyone laugh at me grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 31-Dec-14 20:35:23

They don't show the backs but are they wide soft plastic? If so, they will help them sit neater, you can squish them onto your earlobe.
Small ones might make the earring pull forward.

They are very nice BTW smile

hugoagogo Wed 31-Dec-14 20:43:51

So pretty smile
You can buy packs of silver earring backs from claires if you can't get on with the ones supplied.

OmnipotentQueenOfTheUniverse Wed 31-Dec-14 20:55:52

Second pic on here has a different pair but with the same backs.

They are metal in the middle then with a plastic circle about 0.8 cm across quite BIG really. Plastic not soft or hard either really.

Thanks for saying they're nice I was going to get them for SIL but DH got something else and in the end I thought why not and broke my 10year earring drought smile

gonegrey56 Wed 31-Dec-14 21:27:35

I don't think the plastic backs are meant to show. If you have small earlobes, swap the backs provided for some other neater butterfly backs . Most jewellry shops have several types or Claire's stock them as has been said.
Great earrings btw!

OmnipotentQueenOfTheUniverse Wed 31-Dec-14 21:34:23

I'll see how I go. They aren't peeking out I was just a bit freaked out!

Thanks for the advice all smile

LadyB49 Thu 01-Jan-15 00:49:27

I have these backs on some of my earrings and they are brilliant. Make the earring sit much better than the small metal butterfly.

administrator Thu 01-Jan-15 01:09:33

I have a pair like that and if I push the butterfly in the right place, the plastic disc pops off! They actually sit better on the lobe with the disc on so I leave them, but I just thought I'd let you know that you can take them off if you really don't like them!

OmnipotentQueenOfTheUniverse Thu 01-Jan-15 19:41:09

Ooh interesting thanks!

I'll do some experimentation grin

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