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another baby's big hair thread: just tried mine for first time and it's impressive!

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flux500 Wed 31-Dec-14 14:52:41

So off the back of the MN thread about the BBH I thought bugger it. I have an amazon voucher so I ordered it.

Received and literally raced off into shower.

I must admit, I am really impressed. My hair is just shoulder length so I get that curled under/slightly flick look and - well - just big hair really - but I honestly found it easy to use and quick as well.

My only worry is I think I may have ended up with the Rachel Hair hmmblush for new years eve. Thank god don't have any bootcut seven for all mankind jeans or I would really be doing a Rachel. grin

flux500 Wed 31-Dec-14 14:53:50

And thanks to my lovely macbook for it's autocorrecting there.

Baby's big head pro!!!

Great! blush

Purpleknickers Wed 31-Dec-14 15:39:16

Inspired by your thread I have just watched the mums net demo. I actually bought one back in the summer and could not get on with it all, just thought it was a big horrid clumpy brush..... I have just found out that there is a button to press on the brush. That will teach me to read the instructions in future grin

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