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Red Carpet Manicure

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 30-Dec-14 18:33:34

The home use kit that has the light.
Is it any good?
Does it stay put ?

My nails really suffer this time of year, everything I paint on peels off.

eggyfartpants Tue 30-Dec-14 21:27:27

They rave about it on QVC, I don't know much else. DH got me Sensationail gel nail kit for Christmas which seems popular and I preferred the colours etc to red carpet. It often seems to be on offer in Boots and the website has regular offers too. You have to remove gel nails with acetone which us pretty harsh. I am looking forward to seeing if my nails improve despite the removal just by having more protection in day to day stuff.

meandjulio Tue 30-Dec-14 21:28:34

sad I clicked on this agog to find out if people really did put carpet on their nails sad grin

eggyfartpants Tue 30-Dec-14 21:31:11

I should add, first attempt lasted 4 days through intensive lego building, sticky label, peeling etc. One nail chipped, more because I badly applied it. They emphasise 'capping'the nail wwhich I found tricky on one thumb as the nail was very short and a bit peely. I feel optimistic I'll get at least a week out of them. Normal nail varnish is 24 hours on me tops.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 30-Dec-14 22:03:29

Carpet on my nails might improve things grin

I'd only use clear (like the base+top layer) QVC are on waitlist for the colours and none of the complete systems (which makes me wonder if they're stopping stocking them)
I've seen it on the Debenhams website for £90 but you need extras like files and orange sticks.

My nails are really brittle, some reviews I've read said this makes them worse (and I guess the remover doesn't help)

Opi peels on my nails.
QVC have a Perfect Formula on offer but I can't wear the pink or colour. My nails are very short (not bitten, just break sad )

eggyfartpants Tue 30-Dec-14 22:08:27

Files and orange sticks are dirt cheap on ebay. You can also get the lamps. If you don't want colour that might work out better?

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