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Has anyone use the House of Fraser Denim Workshop?

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Storytown Tue 30-Dec-14 16:25:32

I'm really struggling with my casual style ATM, especially the smarter end of casual. Mainly because skinnies aren't for me, narrow waist and huge thighs!

I've been wearing slouchy jeans which suit me and at least fit but you can't dress them up.

A really good pair of jeans (or 2) would be a great investment for me, so I was wondering about trying this service. Will they find something great for me or they just in the business of selling me some jeans, i.e. any jeans rather than perfect jeans IYSWIM?

Also, how much can I expect to spend?! I'd pay what I think of as a lot for perfect jeans but not £100s

Storytown Thu 01-Jan-15 19:17:31


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