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Fine, lank hair, but highlighted - which shampoo/conditioner??

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BumgrapesofWrath Mon 29-Dec-14 20:00:56

I have a problem with my hair!

Within 24 hours of washing my hair it looks very flat and greasy (I have very straight, fine hair.) My hair is also highlighted, so I'm aware I need to look after the condition of it.

I've tried various "volume" shampoos and conditioners, but find that the conditioner is not good enough for my highlighted hair - it seems to get luggy and flyaway looking. If I use a shampoo and conditioner specifically for blond hair that tends to dry my hair out. If I use a "normal" shampoo and conditioner, my hair gets very lank, and if I use a conditioner for coloured hair it very much weighs my hair down.

So where do I go from here shampoo and conditioner wise? It seems almost too much to ask that there would be a product that fits exactly what I need, but is there?

LexieSinclair Mon 29-Dec-14 20:07:41

I have hair similar to yours OP. I find the Aussie range really good, either the volume or the the mega shampoo then the 3 minute miracle conditioner. I don't use any products apart from dry shampoo too add volume between washes, as I find most are too heavy for my hair and make it greasier.

LuckyCharms Mon 29-Dec-14 20:21:22

L'Oréal elvive fibrology shampoo and conditioner are very good.

SunshineAndShadows Mon 29-Dec-14 20:31:56

I have your hair grin I've started using shampoos and conditioners that are 'cone' free. This means no silicone, dimethicone etc. Cones coat hair leaving them glossy and shiny but if you have fine hair like us they build up and quickly cause hair to be lank and greasy the day after washing.
Use a clarifying or organic shampoo with no 'cones' (check the ingredients list) and a cone free moisturising shampoo and after a few washes your hair won't be weighed down and greasy any more.
Anything that adds silicone etc to your hair will quickly weigh it down as fine hair like ours just can't cope

pickles184 Mon 29-Dec-14 20:32:22

I have the same type of hair as you and find the john frieda blonde is fine from supermarket, but best results are Tigi dumb blonde/rockaholic shampoo and conditioner. For what it is worth I have switched to an all over root colour with highlights run through, it has made a huge difference to how my hair looks and feels between washes.

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