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Dandruff treatment

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HoggleHoggle Mon 29-Dec-14 11:02:17

I've got dandruff - or just dry skin, not sure if it's different? - located at my forehead hairline and at the top of my ears by my temples. Have been using Redken anti dandruff shampoo for about 10 days but no difference. Has anyone successfully treated dandruff and could recommend tips?
In case relevant my usual shampoo is Aussie and sometimes Charles Worthington. I wash my hair every day which I know isn't ideal but it gets greasy quite easily and as I'm brunette I look a total grease head otherwise fgrin

Madaboutthrows Mon 29-Dec-14 14:35:09

Try nizorel

Saurus72 Mon 29-Dec-14 15:05:32

Vosene is great - super cheap and doesn't mess up your hair.

macnab Mon 29-Dec-14 15:48:47

I suffered terribly and had tried all sorts including things that cost a small fortune. After several recommendations here I got Loreal Elvive for Men anti dandruff shampoo and its gone! Literally gone, no flakes no itchiness smile

Its the one in a black bottle with orange lid. Not expensive so definitely worth a try I honestly cant recommend it highly enough and my scalp was awful.

Silverstreaks Mon 29-Dec-14 15:58:38

You could have silicone sensitivity. I get terrible big flakes around my hair line that I can peel off if I use something that has silicone in it. It's worth figuring out if that is the cause for you too.

Saurus72 Mon 29-Dec-14 16:58:38

Ooh yes, silicone is terrible for hair. I went silicone free about a year ago, after using Frizz Ease for years and years. I thought that my hair was unrescuable - it now looks better than it has for years and years.

HoggleHoggle Mon 29-Dec-14 18:26:51

This is all so helpful, thank you. Will def check for silicone in the products I usually use, had no idea that could cause issues.

Zoeee88 Wed 31-Dec-14 11:36:57

I use Superbalm from lush, put a little bit on your scalp where the dandruffy/sensitive bits are, and leave to soak for about twenty minutes. Its relatively pricey (about 12 quid) but does last ages. using too much can make your hair look a bit greasy, but thats what dry shampoo is for! Its the best thing I've found so far, and I have psoriasis on the scalp, and the prescribed shampoos the doctor gave me didnt do anything

Dawndonnaagain Wed 31-Dec-14 15:52:31

I too have used and loved the Elvive for men. Brilliant stuff.
Also use Selsun occasionally, cheaper than Nizoral and seems to work more quickly.

Sticklebricks Wed 31-Dec-14 17:56:50

Third vote for loreal for men. Start off using it for every wash and when the dandruff has gone you can just use it for the first shampoo every other wash.

HoggleHoggle Wed 31-Dec-14 18:06:22

Thanks, have bought the loreal for men and used it today. Fingers crossed!

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