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anti-ageing skincare advice for 30yr old???

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rosyrose79 Sun 28-Dec-14 21:38:11

I'm turning 30 next year and have two toddlers, my skin has taken a toll for the worse with sleepless nights and stress. Any skincare advice on good creams or toners or treatments that may help??

Santasgrotto Sun 28-Dec-14 22:08:11

No. You are 29.

Seriously, sleep, good diet and some exercise will help- as well as using sun block spf25+ every day now if you want to look good at 60.

TheMD Sun 28-Dec-14 22:48:43

At this age, you simply need to look after your skin by not damaging it intentionally (sunburn, smoking, excessive alcohol).

Figure out your skin type and devise an am and pm skincare routine - clean your face and moisturise it. This can be filled out with extra steps (acid toning, treatments/masks etc) if you have the time and money. Stick to it. Every day. Twice a day.

Drink water and prioritise good nutrition.

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Sun 28-Dec-14 23:13:22

For now - make the most of what you have.

Take an omega oils tablet daily
Drink loads of water
Avoid sugar
Get a good cleanser and moisturiser and do it religiously day and night even if it means locking yourself in the bathroom for 5 mins to do so grin
(Avene stuff is lovely)
Wear a little makeup every day, get some nice products and a realistic routine - maybe tinted moisturiser, a subtle lipstick and some blusher, take care of your brows etc.

For later - so important, your thirties fly by especially when you have small children and before you know it you're a wrinkly bedraggled thing.

Suncream! As high factor as you can. I wear spf25 daily (Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor) and SPF50 if I will be outside a lot - even in the winter. I just use Soltan baby sensitive.
Look after your hair - don't succumb to mum hair and use products that look after it even if you don't blowdry it daily or even weekly, wash and condition it and have regular trims.
Eat healthily.

rosyrose79 Mon 29-Dec-14 01:14:04

ah thanks ladies for all the advice. My skin's oily and has been congested with uneven texture but no real spots or bumps so maybe I need to lool into fixing this and add a good suncream like recommended.

specialsubject Mon 29-Dec-14 12:58:41

no such thing as anti-ageing cream.

don't smoke.
eat properly.
keep weight stable
use sunscreen.

the alternatives for never ageing:, never show any expression, die early.

BTW you won't be 'wrinkly and bedraggled' at 40!!

mycatlikestwiglets Mon 29-Dec-14 15:44:57

I'd suggest a skin analysis to check you're using the right type of products for your skin. I did the same around your age and having thought I had combination skin (due to the occasional t-zone breakout) I found my skin was really dehydrated. Total skincare routine change later my skin was, and still is several years later, much clearer and softer feeling. Agree with others that now's the time to start using SPF religiously too.

Mouthfulofquiz Mon 29-Dec-14 15:49:09

The clarins sun range for face is really good. I have dry fair skin and have worn factor 25 minimum for 10 years now (I'm 33). They do a very light spf lotion also I believe.
Hot cloth cleansing is also pretty good.
What I now need to do is stop drinking coffee all the time and start on the old water! (And a full nights sleep would no doubt do wonders. I reckon with 2 under 2 and pneumonia in between, I haven't slept properly for a million years!)

Browtox Mon 29-Dec-14 16:49:48

yes - start low level Botox?

Storytown Mon 29-Dec-14 17:00:34

Yes, it's all very boring but no smoking, lots of water, a hat, lots of colour in your diet (different fruit & veg), plenty of sleep and enough fresh air and exercise.

No smoking and lots of water are the ones that really make a difference quickly.

ElizabethHoover Mon 29-Dec-14 17:05:55

doesnt excess water jsut get pissed out? Think its a myth

ElizabethHoover Mon 29-Dec-14 17:06:34



Storytown Mon 29-Dec-14 17:07:39

I suppose excess water must but I know that my skin improves massively within days when I make more effort to drink plenty.

ElizabethHoover Mon 29-Dec-14 17:08:14

maybe as you arent mainlining vodka at the same time! ;)

Storytown Mon 29-Dec-14 17:12:54

TBF, that article does say water will temporarily reduce wrinkling, which is about as much as we can expect from any beauty product IMO.

lurkingaround Mon 29-Dec-14 17:34:36

SPF everyday, all year round. (Supplement with Vit D)
Don't smoke
Don't each a lot of sugar.
Easy on the alcohol
You could start with a bit of Retun A.
Other than that it doesn't matter much.

And save all the money you're currently not spending on fancy lotions and potions for Botox when you need it!

brokenhearted55a Mon 29-Dec-14 18:15:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NuzzleandScratch Mon 29-Dec-14 18:49:39

I swear by Decleor products, they're great. I'm 33, and have used them since my teens, and my mum has used them for years. We both have great skin, which I accept may be partly good genes, but I do think decent products help.

Also, I drink very little & have never smoked, and I notice my friends who drink more are starting to look older. Not that that is necessarily a problem, but if you're asking about skin, I do think alcohol & smoking takes its toll.

Mouthfulofquiz Mon 29-Dec-14 19:36:57

Decleor used to do the most amazing sun repair balm. Fantastic after a day in the sun. (Which of course you should only go out in in a very wide brimmed hat from now on!)
I bought a lovely wide brimmed hat from the high street last year (tie rack) which has holes in so you can customise with ribbon or a scarf.

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