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Classic style good quality maternity clothes?

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Elizabethtailored Sun 28-Dec-14 16:40:58

I am 5 months pregnant and can't face trying to squash into my jeans any longer-so uncomfortable but cannot find any decent alternatives!

Am looking for some nice quality clothes-my style is probable fairly classic/smart and my maternity stuff from DC1 has definitely seen better days. Have terrible thin, see through leggings, jeans which need hoicking up after three steps and a too tight bump band.

Any ideas where I can find some nice quality outfits where I can feel good about myself rather than like a bus?

Have tried Isabella Oliver but seems to be lots of sale left overs. Any shops which might sell similar? Am not keen on the 'hands off the bump' type tops etc.

MadeinBelfast Sun 28-Dec-14 16:45:09

I liked Jojo Maman Bebe. Their website is good but there are lots of shops now too. They usually do good sales too and have regular discount codes.

Mrsgrumble Sun 28-Dec-14 16:45:55

Jo jo mama might be your best bet. I only like plain/ classic clothing but I bought this and it was really flattering


Since you only have four months left there is no harm in trying H&m or even new look for some items. Jo jo mama will be better quality though - but the other items will last you for a few months

Merinda Sun 28-Dec-14 16:49:28

Seraphine are brilliant. My maternity wardrobe was 90% from there. They have an online shop and pretty good sales. Their jeans are brilliant. For basics I also liked Gap maternity range

mswibble Sun 28-Dec-14 16:55:52

Im waiting for a big order from JoJo Maman Bebe so im hoping the quality/sizing is good. Its mainly breteon style tops - wrap style and nursing style along with a labour wrap (jersey dressing gown/wrap thingy). £94 for 5 tops and the labour wrap so I have high hopes.

After weeks of hoiking up a my maternity jeggings I finally appear to have a pair of maternity jeans fit and dont make my legs look like sausages. They're indigo bootcuts from New Look, over bump and only £15.99. Im wearing them around the house with the tags still on to try and suss out whether they actually are any good. If not im going admit defeat and buy some braces! Ive another 13wks to go and I cant keep walking around like a saggy bum and crotch round my knees!

I've also bought a pair of maternity leggings from H&M, they are properly black which pleases me. I hate it when leggings arent properly opaque, not flattering on my tree trunks!

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