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Why am I so tired

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MayIcarryYourSchoolBooks Sat 27-Dec-14 17:24:46

I work term time only and was hoping to do SO MUCH during the holidays, but I just can't seem to muster the energy to do even the most mundane of tasks. I am not depressed at all before anyone suggests that, but I do feel a little apathetic. Would supplements help me? I am in my early 40s and in good health generally. I have become lazy though and don't make enough of an effort to work out either my body or my mind.

VenusRising Sat 27-Dec-14 17:40:45

Yes, a good course of suppliments will be of great benefit. I take Solgar female, it's a combination multi mineral and multi vitamin. Make sure to get some bright coloured fresh produce into your diet, and juice up some veg also.

Set yourself small tasks and also exercise tasks.
Try and go for a walk outside when the sun is at its height every day.

Make sure you have a clear nose before you sleep- if you're congested you may be waking up all the time, struggling to breath easily. Invest in a NeilMed nasal rinse/ neti pot.

Buy a sunlight simulator lamp? Sometimes the lack of sunlight light can be very draining for those of us who like to hibernate.

Make time to contact friends, sometimes we miss the buzz of people when we're on hols. Make sure you spend some time with friends, and to go to a concert or something like that.

Have your blood checked for vitamin B6. And your thyroid levels too.

Hope your full of beans soon!

MyRealNamesBernard Sat 27-Dec-14 17:59:02

I was feeling very much like you last year. The things that helped most were exercise (I like dance and cycling, but whatever suits you), getting lots of fresh air, especially when the sun's out and cutting down on sugar. I try to eat more 'slow release' foods like oats and protein and so-called superfoods like salmon, berries and broccoli.Going to bed an hour earlier helps too.

MayIcarryYourSchoolBooks Sat 27-Dec-14 19:09:27

What you both have said makes SO much sense!! Thank you so much. I can see how the lack of exercise and over indulging in sugar in making me lethargic.

Saurus72 Sat 27-Dec-14 19:15:52

I agree with what others have posted, but also - have you had your iron levels checked? I found out that I had very low iron levels in summer 2013 - I start taking prescription strength iron pills 3x day and within 2 weeks, I felt like a different person. I just could not believe the difference - I felt like I had been fitted with freshly charged batteries after running on empty for years! It took the best part of a year to get my iron levels back to normal, and now I still take iron pills, and am taking differ medication to make my periods lighter as that was exacerbating the problem.

Good luck in getting it sorted, it's no fun at all when you have no energy.

Safmellow Sat 27-Dec-14 19:49:37

Yes agree you should have iron levels checked, also your thyroid?

XBoxTesting Sat 27-Dec-14 19:52:17

I agree with everyone else - don't just supplement blindly, have your iron, thyroid and vitamin D levels checked out by your GP.

SirVixofVixHall Sat 27-Dec-14 19:52:48

Get iron, B12 and thyroid checked, as pp say.

HeyLuciani Sat 27-Dec-14 20:03:41

Also agree you should get checked. I was tested recently and discovered that my vitamin D levels were on the floor. Apparently vit D deficiency is quite common in the UK these days
- we don't get enough good quality sunshine and also use sun cream more than we used to. (I was suprised my levels were so bad because I take quite a lot of holidays!) I was given a prescription for super strength vit D and am already starting to feel less knackered.

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