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Anyone else receiving incorrect items from ASOS?

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McSqueezy Sat 27-Dec-14 14:01:01

I've been shopping with them for 6/7 years and this has only happened once before. All of a sudden they have managed to send the wrong products in two orders in a row. These are quite expensive orders (£80-£100), so I'm a bit I'm miffed to say the least.

Anyone else having problems with them, or am I just unlucky. It really is putting me off using their site.

MyVegasBaby Sat 27-Dec-14 17:10:02

I love ASOS and have not had any issues with them. I'm sure it's very annoying for you though.

HaPPy8 Sat 27-Dec-14 17:29:37

Yes! Have had this twice in the last couple of months.

CeeceeBloomingdale Sat 27-Dec-14 20:50:12

I've never had those type of issues and use them a lot.

insancerre Sat 27-Dec-14 20:59:07

I've got an order coming tomorrow. I'll let you know if there's any problems

LittleG69 Sat 27-Dec-14 21:12:16

Not had any incorrect orders and my orders have arrived next day (premier member) but waited 10 days for a refund recently and lots of complaints on their FB and Twitter pages about delayed and cancelled orders. Not convinced all is well (and I'm a loyal and longstanding customer)

McSqueezy Sat 27-Dec-14 21:36:28

I have to agree all is not well with them, never had any major issues before - but sending totally different items twice in a row is a bit weird. I've also had a browse of their reviews and there seem to be lots more complaints than in the past. Perhaps they have simply overstretched themselves over the Christmas/New Year period.

I'm just hoping there are no issues with refunds now! ��

Corygal Sat 27-Dec-14 22:01:10

I read on this very forum that they are in trouble and have overstretched themselves financially. Which I read with surprise, as they are one of the great success stories of the decade.

Greengardenpixie Sat 27-Dec-14 22:19:16

Terrible reviews...i am shocked. I have always had good service!

LittleG69 Sun 28-Dec-14 09:08:30

Mcsqueezy did you pay by credit card? My refund took So long that I started to get my credit card provider involved but ASOS finally refunded even though they said they hadn't received it back (collect + tracking showed that they'd had it 10 days!). My advice to anyone buying from ASOS is to pay by credit card or PayPal just in case the worst happens (but I'm hoping they just overstretched themselves with discounts and promotions and will get back on track, I'm still using them)

twobambinos Sun 28-Dec-14 09:18:52

I'm also waiting on two refunds from then which I need before I go getting another dress. It's for almost 200 so I'm not best pleased.

rubyflipper Sun 28-Dec-14 09:20:31

Now you mention it, my last order took much longer than normal to arrive. When I checked the delivery status online, my parcel took over a week to leave ASOS.

I hope this is a Christmas glitch, but I wonder whether the fire at their warehouse has had deeper ramifications.

insancerre Sun 28-Dec-14 09:54:55

Just had an email
My order will be delivered by Garry between 11.26 and 12.26
Hope its all there. Getting worried now, after reading this thread

ElizabethHoover Sun 28-Dec-14 09:57:54

i love their bloody premier service - SUCH a bargain

McSqueezy Sun 28-Dec-14 10:02:58

LittleG - I paid via PayPal thank goodness, so I do have that to fall back on if there are any issues!

Insancerre - I wouldn't be too worried at this point, as I said in my opening post I've been shopping with them for many years with little problem, it just seems that their standard of service has declined a bit recently.

LittleG69 Sun 28-Dec-14 10:43:09

Agree that Premier is the best £10 I've ever spent

threepiecesuite Sun 28-Dec-14 10:48:44

Hope they're not in trouble. After Amazon, I think they are the best online retailer in the world in terms of search, range, and service. Always like getting a random freebie in the bag too. The Oreos went down well grin

southeastastra Sun 28-Dec-14 11:22:25

I never use them anymore. their stuff is so overpriced

Gunpowder Sun 28-Dec-14 11:32:01

I had to wait aaages for my last refund too, used to happen really quickly so was surprised. Agree the premier service is fab. Will be v. Disappointed if they go bust.

Khalessi Sun 28-Dec-14 12:28:34

I've bought some bits over the Christmas period with no probs.

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 28-Dec-14 12:31:47

I buy lots on there with no problems.

insancerre Sun 28-Dec-14 12:33:49

Its here!
And its all good
I have another delivery next week

LittleG69 Sun 28-Dec-14 12:38:42

That's good news insancerresmile

MyVegasBaby Sun 28-Dec-14 16:44:14

I do think they could charge more for the premier service, it's far too cheap and must be a loss maker for them.

rubyflipper Sun 28-Dec-14 18:35:21

But why pay extra for the premier service? You get free overnight delivery if you order more than £100 worth of stuff. And there is no penalty if you send most of it back.

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