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What to wear with a Barbour green waxed jacket

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ChristmasTimeName Sat 27-Dec-14 09:47:17

Had one for Christmas smile and very happy with it, but need guidance on accessories. Will just be wearing it for going out for walks. Don't want to look like someone out of a Country Life; don't like the top to toe Barbour look but want to look good in it. Guidance on scarves, gloves, hats etc and colours please.

maudpringles Sat 27-Dec-14 09:49:30

Hunters and a labrador?
Thats what they are accessorised with round here!

burnishedsilver Sat 27-Dec-14 09:55:37

Green wellies, a headscarf and a corgi ;-)

ChippyMinton Sat 27-Dec-14 09:58:39

I was going to say a dead pheasant...
Chunky roll neck and skinny jeans, long socks peeping out from boots, NO scarf!
Red, mustard yellow, plaid.
Look on pinterest for 'barbour style'.

carrielou2007 Sat 27-Dec-14 13:35:53

Mine replaced my waterproof-bum-covering-coat-Merrel from the three a few years ago, it's my school run coat as we walk in all weathers. I wear mine with skinny jeans and boots. I hate scarves as I get too hot walking and have super soft leather gloves so my hands are warm and dry pram pushing dc3. I love my wax jacket. I do live in Somerset but don't feel a country bumpkin in mine grin

mooth Sat 27-Dec-14 14:48:38

I think they look best thrown over absolutely anything, as if you haven't thought about it. Back in the eighties we wore them with tight jeans and high heels, or over flowery dresses. The point is for it to look thrown on (in my humble opinion).

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