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All I want for Christmas is..........

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PicnicGatecrasher Fri 26-Dec-14 00:04:31

Big curls.

It's time to take the plunge. I can't do ghd's. My brilliant hairdresser has left me. So I need heated rollers. (Maybe ....?!?) (I have very straight hair...)

I have "bra strap" length hair, part coarse part fine, with a whole heap of (prob) 30% re growth. It's very straight. Ideally I'd need something which would help with volume.

Am torn between a babyliss ceramic type product, and the Cloud Nine O Ultimate.

My take so far is -

Cloud Nine - great reviews, quick to heat but are the rollers bristly, I'm not super confident I won't end up with a tangled mess. They are expensive and don't want to shell out if they're not brilliant. But apparently the technology is such that they don't get so hot and are easier to put in.

BaByliss - ceramic, so, smooth, I imagine easier to de curl, but apparently hot to handle so possibly more difficult to put in. So much cheaper, so if it doesn't work out, it's less of a gamble.

I like the fact that the cloud nine are possible easier to handle, and imagine that the easier they are to put in the better the result. But am bulking at the cost and the fact that the bristle-ly rollers will leave me with a fuzzy look - all after shelling out a fortune.

Any advice???? My hair is FINE as it is, but just love the idea of big curls for a night out etc. I won't be using on a daily basis before work etc.


NewNameforChristmas Fri 26-Dec-14 08:57:31

Personally I find just using heated rollers, whatever make, regularly gives me the confidence and know how to get the curls I want. Enjoy!

There's some VO5 spray stuff you can put on before curling, but personally I find Samy Fat hair shampoo and loads of hair spray does the trick.

wellnowthenmardybum Fri 26-Dec-14 09:34:55

I have the babyliss ones, they are suuuuuper easy to put in and not at all too hot to handle smile

PicnicGatecrasher Fri 26-Dec-14 20:11:03

Fab, thank you both. Off to see if I can spot anything in the sales....!

southeastastra Fri 26-Dec-14 20:12:53

babyliss perfect curl is fab

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