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Visiting friends for Xmas Day Lunch - can I wear opaque stockinged feet?

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janneyhu Tue 23-Dec-14 11:30:09

It's not a shoes off house but I hate wearing them in peoples houses and slippers seem totally inappropriate.

Can I wear a glam dress, opaque tights and knee length boots, but take the boots off when we arrive?

gonegrey56 Tue 23-Dec-14 11:48:36

Take some flat ballet pumps to change into ? That's what I do !

flux500 Tue 23-Dec-14 11:53:28

Agree with gonegrey ballet flats are a great idea smile

burnishedsilver Tue 23-Dec-14 12:34:53

If everyone else is wearing shoes it would be odd not to. Ballet shoes are the way to go.

Yes of course. Shoes indoors are horrible.

shitonit Tue 23-Dec-14 21:46:48

I would. If the dress is good no one will look at your feet.

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