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House of Fraser online order returned - refund given in e-vouchers?

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FruitBasedDrinkForALady Mon 22-Dec-14 23:53:00

I ordered some things last month on the HoF website. Unfortunately they weren't right so I sent them back. I got an email today saying they had processed my refund and since I'd paid with vouchers, they were refunding me in e-vouchers. I paid with visa debit. Is it standard operating procedure to just send an e-voucher or have I got caught up in an "it's Christmas, everything must be a present" type of thing? I've got on to their customer service, but it'll probably be a couple of days before I hear back from them, and I've only just sent back another top, which I don't want an e-voucher for...

BarbaraWoodlouse Tue 23-Dec-14 00:07:54

I hope not, though I can't confirm for sure given my HOF parcel arrived half open with no paperwork. Called Weds and ther said something would be emailed to me for returns. Still waiting...

TheBuskersDog Tue 23-Dec-14 00:26:47

I had the same problem with paperwork, when they did send it it was in a really stupid format that made it difficult to print off the returns label which was tiny. I was sent an e-voucher too but think it was because I didn't get it back within 14 days, they did refund postage though.

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Tue 23-Dec-14 00:36:46

I'd be bloody annoyed about the parcel arriving like that. I'm pretty sure I got the return back to them in the allotted time, but even so, the email I got from them says "The eVoucher replaces the voucher you used to purchase." Postage was free, so that shouldn't be an issue.

I shall give customer service the spirit of Christmas benefit of the doubt until I hear otherwise...

daimbardiva Tue 23-Dec-14 01:13:35

I had this too, but I was definitely later than 14 days. I didn't pay with a voucher though.

caroldecker Tue 23-Dec-14 01:22:38

You have no right of refund unless the items were faulty. If they choose to offer a refund, they can do so in any way they choose.

caroldecker Tue 23-Dec-14 01:22:49

You have no right of refund unless the items were faulty. If they choose to offer a refund, they can do so in any way they choose.

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Tue 23-Dec-14 01:33:59

Actually, Carol, under what used to be called distance selling regulations, a purchaser is entitled to a refund, for any reason, for products bought online but with a 7 day limit (info here Anyway, the dispatch note from HoF gives a 21 day limit for "refund to original payment method". There is also a note that gift purchases will be refunded by evouchers, so hopefully it's just a mix up.

zfactor Tue 23-Dec-14 07:09:21

Actually, it’s now 14 days, as it’s the Consumer Contracts Regs 2013 that apply (they've replaced the DSR).

OneHandFlapping Tue 23-Dec-14 07:23:01

I was caught by this. They now only offer cash refunds if you return within 14 days. Plenty of places still offer 30 days. Use one of them in future, like me.

Ihatemytoes Tue 23-Dec-14 07:35:06

I had this too. I'd ordered something online to collect in-store. I wasn't able to collect it, so it was returned by the store to the warehouse. Due to a delay in processing the return, it didn't show up on their system until more than 14 days after the initial order. I rang customer services, and they cancelled the e voucher and refunded my debit card.

Twinklestein Tue 23-Dec-14 10:21:07

Check the dates to see that you got it back within the 14 days OP, it you did it sounds from your OP that they may have just made a mistake.

If so, they will sort it out for you.

PinkSparklyJumboStocking Tue 23-Dec-14 10:59:52

I was caught by this. I ordered a pair of boots and thought I had 28 days to return them. When I was packing them up I noticed it was 14 days and I was on day 12 so there's no way they would have got back in time. I phone customer service and was told that if I returned them via Collect Plus I SHOULD get the cash refund even if the boots didn't arrive back within 14 days but they couldn't guarantee it.

As the boots fitted and I liked them I decided to keep them as I didn't want HOF vouchers as I rarely shop with them as I don't really like the store.

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