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Seasalt Dayboard 3 in 1 Jacket or Boden Rainy Day Mac? Opinions please!

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JemimaMuddledUp Mon 22-Dec-14 22:25:55

I have ordered three coats in the sales to choose from. But while I twiddle my thumbs over Christmas until they are delivered it would be nice to get some opinions, especially from anyone who has one.

The coats are:

Seasalt Dayboard 3 in 1 Looks practical, but a bit boring.

Boden Rainy Day Mac Love the patterns, but wonder whether it is as practical as the Seasalt.

Boden Short Rainy Day Mac As above.

Any thoughts?

Greengardenpixie Tue 23-Dec-14 19:44:31

I have the boden rainy day mac but from a different season. Mine is a grey background with navy spots. It is the longer version. I have worn it loads. I find it very practical. Mine is warm as it is fleece lined and the best thing are the pockets which also have a fleece lining. I wouldnt get the short rainy day mac. I think thats impractical for 2 reasons. 1. It wont keep your bottom half dry and 2. If its patterened, it tie you to what you are wearing on your bottom another print. As for the seasalt..think that also is a good option. Usually there jackets are very good quality. I have a tincloth one [ or whatever you call it!!!] part of their summer range and its lovely and machine washable but i dont have a thick winter one. My boden one isnt machine washable, which is annoying!!

JemimaMuddledUp Fri 26-Dec-14 10:07:53

Thanks garden

Both Boden ones have arrived and I actually think I like the shape of the short one better. But as you say the short one might not be as practical. The Seasalt one is short too. To be fair, I tend to wear plain colours on my bottom half (jeans at weekends, black or navy trousers to work) so the clashing patterns wouldn't be too much of an issue.

Still undecided!

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