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Can we talk filler specifics please?

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INeedToGetThisAllOut Mon 22-Dec-14 08:28:05

Sorry, I know this topic is not everyone's cup of tea...

Through weight loss and ageing my face is collapsing. On Friday I had my first try of fillers. 1ml of restylane, half went into nasolabial fold and the other half lips. On Sunday I was really pleased with it, but by today the swelling has gone down and I look exactly the same as before!! It's a fairly hefty price for a few days effect!

Should I have had more? Does it take a few sessions to build up?

lurkingaround Mon 22-Dec-14 09:29:19

You probably need a top-up. Better under- than over-fill. And it takes a little while to see the full effect. Make an appointment for about 4 weeks time and decide close to the time if you need a top-up. (you can always cancel your appointment if you don't need it). 1ml isn't a whole lot, especially if you've lost a lot of weight. And yes, I agree it's expensive, but you'll get what, 1 to 3 years out of it? So cost per month ain't bad. Cheaper than a fancy facial a month and a heck of a lot more effective!

Truckingalong Mon 22-Dec-14 09:43:21

Mine took no time to see results - was instant and has lasted about 18 months. I had it done in nose to mouth lines.

flux500 Mon 22-Dec-14 09:50:52

I had tear through filler yesterday. I have to go every 2 weeks and she will put more in if needed each time or not if the result is reached.

I've also had lips done and mine are swollen still but I am already very happy with it. Once swelling goes down I can go back and have a free top up if needed.

Do you think it has actually made a difference but because of the swelling thats now gone you can't notice it?

I agree if you don't feel there's any difference it's not worth it but let's face it lots of us (I used to) spend hundreds on creams and serums and facials over a year and it makes no difference either smile go back and say you want a better result its what you've paid for smile

Santasgrotto Mon 22-Dec-14 09:59:10

It depends on what was used. But Restylane gives instant results.Some fillers draw water etc into the skin and can take a while to have their full effect but not Restylane. If you only had 0.5mls in your naso labial folds that is very little ( is that 0.25 each side- is that what you meant?)

I have 1mls in each cheek and that is considered a small amount, and no one but me can tell smile

However, your dr ( assume it was a dr) should have been able to tell you at the time how it looked. Mine looks very carefully and only puts in the amount needed.
I'd go back and discuss.

INeedToGetThisAllOut Mon 22-Dec-14 11:43:13

Thanks all, I'll go back after Christmas. The receptionist said it would be the full fee again!! So about £400!

Yes I had 0.25 ml in each cheek and then 0.5ml in my lips. It's just left what looks like little dots under the surface of my skin!

Santasgrotto Mon 22-Dec-14 12:19:58

That sounds a bit worrying tbh.
Was this a well qualified person who did it?
It has to be injected very deeply- I find it hurts like hell despite having 2 babies with no pain relief at all! It has to go deep to stop you getting lumps and bumps. It might settle down- were you told to massage it if it goes lumpy?
But really, I think you might be advised to find someone else to do it .

INeedToGetThisAllOut Mon 22-Dec-14 18:49:48

He was a plastic surgeon but quite unpleasant and in a rush, I felt a bit judged as well!! I think I'll shop around. It's best to get a doctor to do it? There are lots of clinics where a nurse will do it, they're cheaper!

Jingalingallnight Mon 22-Dec-14 19:32:23

I was told the filler I had would last 3 months max (and it has.)

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