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short hair - yay or nay?

(5 Posts)
inconceivableme Sun 21-Dec-14 14:43:57

Not thinking pixie crop but definitely short! Only done this once before in my life as a teenager. Hated growing it out!! But fed up of shoulder length, layered do I have now (no fringe). Hair is fine but I have lots of it IYSWIM so it looks and feels thick. Isn't dead straight and I prefer it that way anyway - I never straighten it. It has volume as a result and in summer when left to dry naturally and 'encouraged' can become quite wavy, especially when newly layered. Professional opinions of hairdressers are that my face shape is 'oblong' / oval mix?!

Thoughts please?! Thx!

radiobedhead Sun 21-Dec-14 14:57:01

If I could carry it off i would have a really short crop. Sadly I am too fat and ugly!

If you can carry it off then do it, but I would go as short as you dare. I've had short but not really short before and styling it was a nightmare. Much more difficult then medium or long length. But if you do go short then you'll need regular haircuts.

Using the beautiful michelle williams to demonstrate, I would do this rather than this

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 21-Dec-14 15:16:03

YY if you have short hair it IS high maintenace.

I cannot go out now without washing or soaking my hair (I am in the shower every day it gets soaked but I only shampoo every other day)

It'll go from "Hmm ok" to "aaaaarrrghh" within a couple of days.

You need a hairdresser who will look at the texture of your hair and how you want to style it.
Mine is short at the back, round my ears and maybe 2" on the top. I can do a side parting and smooth it or gel into spikes or wax to make it softer.

I dye my hair, it doesn't get dye overload when it's reapplied on the old hair, mine gets cut out.

YY , I need some make-up and earrings, but I love mine grin

Oblong or oval is a good face shape, you can carry off most styles.

JemimaMuddledUp Sun 21-Dec-14 15:16:36

My hair is similar to the first picture of Michelle Williams (except I am brunette and not nearly as beautiful). I love it. As long as I have it cut regularly, i.e. every 4-6 weeks, it is really easy to look after. A quick wash, blast with a hairdryer and scruff up with some wax every morning and I am good to go. I would never go back to longer hair.

papalazaru Sun 21-Dec-14 15:42:08

I have a short pixie crop and love it. Yes I have to wet it every day in the shower to get it back under control. But apart from that - I towel dry, apply product and leave it to dry naturally. So so easy. Mine is also wavy if I let it grow. I gave up dying it a few years ago and because it was short it was very easy to do and I often get comments on it now.

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