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Help me find shoes and style this up!

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HexBramble Sat 20-Dec-14 20:15:47

I have this dress and I'm attending an evening wedding on Monday. Help! What shoes, bag and possibly coat?
What colour tights? I prefer more geeky chic than classic stylishness, if that makes any sense?!

HexBramble Sat 20-Dec-14 20:16:47

Oh, and while I wish I could have long tousled cascading dark hair, I have in reality a fairly sleek honey coloured, chin length hair, no fringe.

Storytown Sat 20-Dec-14 20:33:57

I have these Dune sandals in petrol. The sparkly bits seem to glint in whatever colour you're wearing so they go with everything.

I'm generally not a high heels person but I can wear and dance in these all night easily. They are ridiculously comfy and they do amazing things for your legs. I'd have bare legs and Sally Hansen legs, assuming your do I indoors.

HexBramble Sat 20-Dec-14 21:37:23

Thanks Story, it's an indoor wedding and I'd actually prefer no tights!

FauxFox Sun 21-Dec-14 11:22:47

velvet t bar
ribbon tie

declaneales Mon 22-Dec-14 06:50:55

Hi Hex,
As you say that you prefer a geeky chic look, I would pair this dress with a pair of nude heels or purple wedges. I have a similar kind of dress not exactly but close enough and I once paired it up with a pair of purple wedges I found at hype dc. They looked nice with my outfit and I got quite a lot of compliments for it. Its good you are not sticking to the idea of tights for an indoor wedding.

Petal02 Mon 22-Dec-14 08:11:13

Can you buy Hype DC in the UK?

FelineChristmassy Mon 22-Dec-14 08:31:48

Lots of funky purple shoes here:
Or these:

declaneales Tue 23-Dec-14 04:42:06

Hi Petal,
Yes Hype DC provides shipping service to various other countries too. You can type in your address on their website during checkout to know the shipping prices and whether they can ship the product to your address.

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