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botox in london - recommendations please!!

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fooolofbeans Sat 20-Dec-14 09:22:18


I usually have 2 areas of botox around 4 monthly at home (oop north) and reaaaaaaaaaly like the difference it makes to my appearance.

however i've recently moved to london and so have let it lapse, the static lines have returned on my forehead with a vengeance sad

so i'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good practitioner, I live N16, but work centrally and am happy to travel

my main sticking point is cost, i previously paid less than £200, and would prefer not to pay too much more although i do recognise the price will be higher

thank you in advance lovely people grin

cardamomginger Sat 20-Dec-14 10:24:12

Susan Mayou at the Cadogan Clinic. Been doing me for a few years now. She's a consultant dermatologist and is fab. I pay around 500 for 3 areas.

fooolofbeans Sat 20-Dec-14 10:28:34

thank you cardamon, £500 ..ouch!! i'll give them a bell and see what their price is for 2 areas

HollyJollyXmas Sat 20-Dec-14 10:29:30

Tracey Mountford (or Laurie, who also works at Tracey's clinic). Harley Street. Think its around 450 for three areas? Excellent practitioners, they are often recommended on MN.

fooolofbeans Sat 20-Dec-14 10:35:43

Thank you HollyJollyXmas, yes, i'm coming across lots of recommendations for Tracey Mountford, so will do a bit more reading and then hopefully book a consultation

GeorgieB89 Sat 20-Dec-14 12:03:31

Have a look at Cosmetical London/Mica Engel. She has very good reviews with press/clients and works in central London clinics but also runs her own small practice = £300 for x3 areas. Downside is it's Balham...

pinkfrocks Sat 20-Dec-14 18:03:30

Tracy Mountford has just moved to Upper Wimpole st- just round the corner.

hydeparkhottie Sat 20-Dec-14 18:49:49

I know an AWESOME woman near Kensington High Street.

BelindaAllWorkedOut Sat 20-Dec-14 19:28:30

Please do spill HydePark...

hydeparkhottie Tue 23-Dec-14 14:45:47

I can PM if you want.

AmberNectarine Tue 23-Dec-14 14:52:47

I'm going to get it in the new year and will go to the St John clinic in Wimbledon as friends have had great results.

Santasgrotto Tue 23-Dec-14 19:11:30

Dr Tracy Mountford is the UK's top dr for fillers etc- won loads of awards for years.

bettybigballs Wed 24-Dec-14 06:33:07

I go to Victoria at the medispa in Kensington. they've won awards, she has a light hand and makes me look great, the same but with several years more sleep.

Aestheticnursekafxceltrend Tue 28-Mar-17 23:29:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Lou256 Tue 28-Mar-17 23:53:43

Dr Dondos at Medicetics.
Subtle classy work!

kathrynJanes1234 Sun 17-Sep-17 19:56:03

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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