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Edinburgh shopping

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spiderbabymum Fri 19-Dec-14 20:24:13

Heading to Edinburgh fir the weekend
Two kids and the wrong side of 40
I desperately need a wardrobe upgrade
What I m after is reccomendations for a boutique ...... Somewhere where I can try on selected clothes , modern looking , kind of like all Scandinavia brands eg sandwich .

Usually shop in tk maxx and in sales

I just have a real hankering for the kind of shops you find kn every Irish market town where u can find lovely stuff without the horrors of the high street ...... Also because of work I just don't have the time anymore for shopping

I have looked at the Boden sale but bleuhh dont like it
I'm not a high street shape either !!!!
Any suggestions fir shops in Edinburgh
Will be staying at the airport

Ps there used to be a ace called Moon in the west end in Glasgow . Expensive but awesome

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