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Wallet for DH - designer quality, TK Maxx price

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sweetmelody Fri 19-Dec-14 08:54:38

Anyone bought a nice men's wallet in black or dark brown this Christmas?

I want something that is pretty robust, but still looks expensive (some of the calf leather ones scratch so easily).

Have only been to TK Maxx so far and there was really very little left.

Thanks all

southeastastra Fri 19-Dec-14 20:13:15

i got dp one from debenhams last year and it's really lasted well, they usually have quite a few to pick from.

Blue2014 Fri 19-Dec-14 20:17:41

Tk maxx online??

DragonfliesDrawFlame Sat 20-Dec-14 02:00:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChippyTuesday Sat 20-Dec-14 02:11:24

Next did lovely signature Italian leather ones last year, seems to have endured rather well too.

lavendersun Sat 20-Dec-14 06:48:15

Me, I originally bought this, because we always buy from here and the old one (which is only two years old actually) is from here:

I wasn't as impressed with it as we are with all their other things we have.

I bought myself a little coin purse from Tumble and Hide for £18 and was really impressed with it, nice leather, straight sticking (am a stickler for detail), zips perfectly inserted, nice lining.

So I searched for a mens wallet and found this:

I felt a bit guilty because I had a bag from Tusting as one of my presents but honestly this little wallet at £30 is amazing quality and the fact that I could buy 4 and a half of them for the price of the calf one is ridiculous. I would say that the first one was overpriced and this one definitely underpriced. I relieved my guilt by buying DH a bag from Ally Capellino so all is well.

sweetmelody Sat 20-Dec-14 20:49:58

Awww thanks everyone for your recommendations. I've ordered one from Tumble & Hide and hope he likes it!

lavendersun Sat 20-Dec-14 21:24:46

I hope you like it! Honestly, I usually spend ££££ on small leather items, I think that it is fantastic, so pleased I found it within the returns allowed period on the Tusting one!

I was in Regent St today and planned on looking for a coin purse, felt quite happy with my little T & H one when I saw what was on offer in Fenwicks at 8 times the price.

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