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Help buying make up brushes please

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superbaghag Thu 18-Dec-14 18:56:18

My teen has asked for make up brushes for Christmas and I don't know where to start. She mentioned zoeva but I am not prepared to spend ridiculous amounts. Any other brands I can steer her towards?

Many thanks

Dropdeadfred2 Thu 18-Dec-14 19:03:06

real techniques are on Amazon too

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Thu 18-Dec-14 19:08:31

Zoeva are really good value, not expensive at all.

PorkyMinch Thu 18-Dec-14 19:10:16

Crown paintbrushes are what all my make up artist friends use. Much cheaper and apparently very good quality

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Thu 18-Dec-14 19:10:32

Available from

Real techniques are often on BOGOF or buy 2 get the 3rd free deals in Boots.

Eco tools are nice too.

Boots no7 also do nice eye brushes.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Thu 18-Dec-14 19:12:30

Sorry, zoeva are from beautybay

Crown I find a bit scratchy but they are v well priced and the fine ones are brill for liner. You can get them from

ReindeerCarpaccio Thu 18-Dec-14 20:01:34

Real Techniques are good. Boots and Superdrug often have them on offer.

MAC are more expensive but they have a great selection and the quality is fantastic - some of my MAC brushes are 10 years old and still going strong, despite getting used every day and washed every week or so.

I personally would rather have a few good brushes in shapes and sizes that work for me than a full set where some of the brushes don't suit me.

superbaghag Thu 18-Dec-14 20:08:17


The set she wanted from zoeva was a hundred pounds and I don't think she needs all of them. I'd rather buy specific brushess then a big set. Going to look at some of the others mentioned.

chipsandpeas Thu 18-Dec-14 20:26:55

another one here who would recommend real techniques brushes, prefer them over the mac and bobbi brown brushes i have

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 18-Dec-14 20:30:10

I'm not very keen on my Real Techniques brushes, find them ever so slightly scratchy on my skin, they sort of set my teeth on edge. I replaced a random selection of years old brushes with a set of RT recently, wish I'd just bought one to try. I'd prefer something softer next time.

StatisticallyChallenged Thu 18-Dec-14 21:28:06

Another who loves the RT brushes - have you tried washing in baby shampoo WhoKnows? Mine are really soft

From RT, I really like the expert face brush, the stippling brush, and the big blusher brush. I don't have so many of their eye brushes although the pixel liner is good. A flat, angled brush is great for gel liner - I have a MAC one but I think RT do one too.

Actually, I picked up this mac kit when I was in the US recently and I would say it's a really nice starter kit for eye make up. You do get fakes on Ebay although that looks identical and seller has good feedback. Add in something along the lines of a MAC 217 blending brush (helps to do good soft smokey eyes) and the RT face brushes and it's a pretty good kit which she can easily add to.

Another thing worth keeping an eye out for (maybe for birthday as christmas is close!) is a nice Urban Decay eyeshadow palette - vice or electric is bright, or one of the Naked kits for subtle. The quality is lovely and the brushes they come with are very good, and she'd be able to find loads of tutorials on youtube to follow.

RojaGato Fri 19-Dec-14 05:27:35

Ecottols are lovely, soft, reasonably priced and come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes/

Fabulassie Fri 19-Dec-14 06:44:59

Eco Tools do a great eye brush duo that are double ended, so four different brush heads. They're excellent.

BearPear Fri 19-Dec-14 07:21:06

my DD has a set from Zoeva, they were £52. I think I ordered from beauty bay but I can't be certain. It's a starter set, about 6 brushes. DD is very in to make up and has a few Mac brushes too, the Zoeva been was recommended by that vlogger Zoella, that's why they are popular at the moment. Can't comment on the quality as they're wrapped up!

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