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What do I wear with this sequinned skirt?

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punchkins Wed 17-Dec-14 22:31:36

I bought this skirt a couple of months ago planning to do a relaxed dress down with a grey or black jumper, black opaques and a shoe of some sort. I haven't worn it yet but need to pull it out a couple of evenings next week and have realised I haven't sorted out what to wear it with. Any recommendations for a slouchy jumper or something? It also needs to be long and baggyish enough to cover my tum/really wobbly bits. This is the vibe I was thinking

goingmadinthecountry Thu 18-Dec-14 00:47:33

I've got a far more expensive looking than it is jumper from Primark with a zip right down the back that I am wearing with said skirt. Skirt is fab - I have it and love it. Is somewhat shorter on me than model but with slouchy black jumper does indeed look fab. Planning on wearing it for dd1's 21st on Sat - or was until dd3 went and bought the top along with H and M sequinned leggings. Naturally she looks better than me. Back to my middle aged home - Phase 8 frock here I come again! Really love the look - but not just with the shirt.

I've just bought this

I'm wearing with a similar sequin skirt, I have a tummy too.

Phase Eight

TallulahTwinkletoes Thu 18-Dec-14 05:30:01

Wow that's a beautiful skirt. I'd wear a black vest/top and black heels. Simple because the skirts got all the sparklesmile

goingmadinthecountry Thu 18-Dec-14 07:09:19

Bill, that jumper is perfect. May just copy you!

punchkins Thu 18-Dec-14 07:26:02

Bill that too is perfect. Off to try it on. And it actually reminds me that I have a very similar one from Cos I should try.

Goingmad, erm. You had it first!

NoelleHawthorne Thu 18-Dec-14 07:34:03

I have three sequin skirts blush

when i first got them ( and Mn was smaller) they attracted much derision, which seems hard to imagine now.
I always wear them with plain black top and black opaques, apart from my New look gunmetal type one which I wear with a kind of smoke coloured v neck cashmere jumper

NoelleHawthorne Thu 18-Dec-14 07:35:21

and that blog link with sheer tights - NO NO NO LADY

LackingCommonSense Thu 18-Dec-14 08:19:41

I don't like the sheer tights but love the graphic tee and cardie... suddenly feeling the urge for a sequined skirt in my life...

Noelle you know it just takes us mere mortals a while to catch up!

punchkins Thu 18-Dec-14 09:08:57

Absolutely no to the sheer tights!! I'll be channeling my inner 90s teen/twenty something with the opaques and if I could find a pair of block heeled Mary Janes exactly the same as my old favourite pair I would be very happy smile. I like the graphic tee (but think I'm too busty to pull that off) and the jumper but not the shirt, there's something wrong with that whole look.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Thu 18-Dec-14 09:55:41

Ooh I knew it would be this skirt, you'll look fab! fsmile

NoelleHawthorne Thu 18-Dec-14 10:05:44

Sorry Bill. Didn't mean to sound that way!

Tanaqui Thu 18-Dec-14 16:18:45

Oh thank god I also hated the sheer tights but thought maybe I was getting old! And the seam made it worse! Quite liked the blog though- and I really want a sequin skirt now.

Madaboutthrows Thu 18-Dec-14 17:20:05

Maybe toughen it up with biker boots, rock t and denim for a more casual look

noddyholder Thu 18-Dec-14 18:24:29

I saw a girl out in one with bare legs and sort of tight shin high boots with heels. And a black t shirt She looked great.

noddyholder Thu 18-Dec-14 18:28:32

I quite like the black sheer tights but not the speckly ones!

noddyholder Thu 18-Dec-14 18:30:18

ElizabethHoover Thu 18-Dec-14 18:35:55

yes but unless you look all moody and not like a middle aged mum you will look like you have just Got It All Wrong

noddyholder Thu 18-Dec-14 18:37:42

I think its a hard look to pull off unless you have that rock look naturally.

coffeenut Fri 19-Dec-14 09:45:54

I love the idea of sequinned clothes but cant imagine pulling any of them off where I live!

Def opaques and boots. Night-time only. I like the batwing jumper too. I have to agree with Elizabeth though.

punchkins Sun 21-Dec-14 08:42:33

As much as I like the rock chick vibe I won't be channeling it. I liked being neat and tidy too much when I was a chick to pull it off and now I am, as kindly pointed out wink, a middle aged mum I definitely shouldn't try.
I did buy the phase eight top. And managed to bloody leave it behind somewhere whilst out doing Christmas bloody shopping. Argh.

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